Remains From the Editing of the Film Hello Comrades

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All frames of the film chronicle "Remains of the editing of the film" Hello, comrades! " shot with the effect of accelerated motion. Box 1. Russia, Moscow. Visitors to the self-service cafe in the hall of the Kursk railway station stand in line, walk along the food distribution line, and stand at tables. A cafe cleaner collects dirty dishes. Passengers in the main hall of the Kursk railway station and at the Sportloto kiosk in the underground hall. People in GUM walk along the lines of the first and second floors, near the fountain. Customers are queuing up. The movement of transport on the streets of the city in the daytime and in the evening. Box 2. Russia, Moscow. Transport traffic on the bridge, along the carriageway of the street, at the intersection in the daytime and in the evening. Passengers stand at the bus stop in the evening. Passengers enter the bus. Passengers enter the trolleybus. The movement of vehicles after rain on wet asphalt in the evening. The trolleybus stops at a stop. Transport traffic near the Cosmos cafe on Gorky Street. Customers enter the Vino store. The window in the apartment, on the windowsill of which there is a transistor receiver and a can of green onions. People enter the building of the Kursk railway station in the evening. Passengers in the main station hall and in the self-service cafe. Passengers descend on an escalator in the center of the main station hall, stand at the storage room in the underground floor hall.
S.A. Heifetz
Film ID
specialized trade
, automobile transport
, bus
, public catering
, state trade
, cities
, railway transport
, trolleybus
Number of Parts
V. Duplich
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
No Sound

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