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1 box The film chronicle is dedicated to the Russian avant-garde poet V. Khlebnikov. Filming at his grave in the Novgorod region in the village. Brooks in the year of the 70th anniversary of the poet's death (1992). At the village cemetery, the grave of Velemir Khlebnikov with a monument by sculptor V. Klykov. On [the day of the poet's death] girls in mourning clothes write on his monument a formula he invented in The Law of Time from the unpublished book Boards of Fate. 2 box Consequences of the Spitak earthquake in Armenia in 1988 Spitak city in the first days after the earthquake on December 7. Filming a completely destroyed city from a helicopter. There are no buildings suitable for habitation: skeletons of houses, mountains of construction waste and concrete slabs. Rescue work. Local residents with the military get the victims out of the rubble. Traffic jams on the roads. Relatives mourn the dead. There is a hospital at [the Bazum stadium]. Doctors meet ambulances, wounded (adults, children, babies) in their arms, stretchers and gurneys are brought into the room. Frames color. newsreels: - [1980s], Armenian SSR: holiday [September 1] - joyful schoolchildren with bouquets of flowers. Adults take pictures of children; city streets with passers-by; [students] with books in their hands. Restorers-stonecutters are working.
E. Sakanyan
Film ID
service hours
, funeral
, gai
, natural disasters
, ensuring road safety
, urban health care
, genre sculptures
, athletic facilities
Number of Parts
R. Voronov, G. Dubrovin
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There is no data
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No Sound

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