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Filming made during the expedition of Soviet ethnographers on board the ship "Dmitry Mendeleev" along the route of N.N. Miklouho-Maclay on the islands of Oceania. Box 1. New Guinea Island. Research vessel "Dmitry Mendeleev" on the way. Deck, bow, mast of the ship. "Dmitry Mendeleev", boats at the pier. The members of the expedition carry their things. Children are standing near the folding beds of ethnographers. Residents of the village of Bongo on the shore. The woman is breastfeeding her baby. Drawings depicting the village and landscapes of the surrounding area. Local residents' huts. Women with children near the dwelling. The men smoke. A woman is chopping a palm tree, peeling a coconut. A staged filming of the arrival of the Russian traveler N.N. Miklouho-Maclay to the Papuans. Locals watch the performance, applaud, perform a dance with drums. Box 2. Western Samoa. Local residents' huts. Children near the huts. The landscape surrounding the village. The coast of the island. View of the island from the sea. The pier. Apia town. Houses on the shore. The traffic controller regulates the movement of vehicles. Residents of the city. People sitting on the porch near the house. Students on the territory of the school (college) pose in front of a movie camera. Students listen to the teacher's speech. View of a two-story building. Women make mats and embroider. Meeting of the leaders of different villages. Bell between palms. Local people perform a folk dance. Box 3. Western Samoa, Apia. Research vessel "Dmitry Mendeleev" in the bay. Port view from the sea. The pier. Houses on the shore. The man is near the car. Transport movement on a city street. The traffic controller regulates the traffic on the road along the sea. The territory of the school (college). Students pose for the camera. Seeing off the college teacher. Students in national costumes applaud, perform a folk dance. The teacher is speaking. Meeting of the leaders of different villages with members of the expedition. Gift exchange. Women sew mats, embroider. Box 4. Nauru Island. Landscapes of the island, houses along the road. Boys are playing football. Obelisk in the courtyard of the house. Industrial buildings on the shore. Tanks buried in the ground. Whimsical stone sculptures of volcanic origin. Home of a local doctor. A woman is sitting in a chair at home. Girl posing in the room. Children sit on the steps. Women walk along the highway, posing for the camera. A lake where fry are bred. Palm trees. Catching birds. Huts in the village. A woman with children near the hut. The woman sings the dishes. Laundry is drying on a line. A woman peels a coconut. Workers in the lumber warehouse are sawing a board. The man rotates the meat grinder handle. Boys and men are posing near the car. Huts, a herd of cows in the meadow. Logs instead of a bridge on the river. Box 5. Tuvalu, ottole Funafuti. The vessel "Dmitry Mendeleev" is on the way. Types of islands. A girl on a bicycle rides along the road. A girl and a boy are riding a motorcycle along the road to the coast. A woman hangs clothes on a rope, carries out cleaning. Stilt hut. Construction of a new hut. Trees on the shore. A man climbs a coconut tree, opens a nut. Another man drinks coconut milk from a nut shell. The boy lays out the opened coconuts; little children are sitting next to them. The man takes the shell of a coconut from the basket, peels off the fiber from the shell. Woman with children near a heap of coconuts. The boat is near the shore. The woman is tying the nuts. The man is peeling the nuts. The woman and the boy carry tied nuts. The woman puts the food on the plates. Pots, plates on the table outside. The woman washes the dishes. A woman rubs the pulp of a nut on a grater. The woman carries the mugs to the hut where the men are sitting. Women cook, wash, sew, embroider.
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