Remains of Various Film Week Numbers and Other Subjects Remains From the Editing of Newsreels Kinonedelya for 1918 - 1919

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Plots from the newsreels "Kinonedelya" numbers: 3, 4, 6, 12, 23, 29 for 1918; numbers 36, 37 for 1919. The city of Petrograd. Commissar for Petrograd Commune Affairs V. Volodarsky (1918) leaves the Smolny building. City of Moscow, June 21, 1918. Calling workers to defend the socialist homeland. The medical commission examines the conscript. Seeing the conscripts in the shop of one of the factories. The conscripts dance in the circle of those who see them off. The city of Petrograd. People at the station square in front of the Nikolaev station. Street trade from trays. Peter-Pavel's Fortress. The graves of the former ministers of the Provisional Government F.F.Kokoshkin and A.I. Shingarev, who were killed on January 7, 1918. FI Shalyapin performs on an open stage in the park of the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo. Seeing FI Shalyapin at the railway station. The funeral of the Hungarian Red Army soldier. Funeral meeting; there are soldiers with wreaths. A detachment of Red Army Hungarians with banners is walking along the street. The city of Nikolaev (Ukraine). Nikolaev shipyard. Ships at the shipyard. The destroyed buildings of one of the factories in Ukraine. Piles of shells against a brick wall. Guns along the walls. Soldiers are walking among the ruins.
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social and political movement
, international workers solidarity
, funeral
, armed force
, trade
, health care
, shipbuilding industry
, railway transport
, mobilization
, utilities
, civil war in russia
, music
, art
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