Remember at Prishvin

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The film in a figurative poetic manner tells about the famous Russian writer M. M. Prishvin, about the formation of his personality, about his worldview, the main thing in which is a passionate call to protect the surrounding nature. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Russian landscape: birch grove, field, forest, river, early morning, the sun rises over the river, forget-me-not flowers, a herd of horses. View of the city of Yelets from the river. The building of the former Elets gymnasium. General view of the cathedral in Yelets. View of old houses in the city. The woman weaves Yelets lace. General view of the Sosna River. Fog over the river. A hare sits in the grass, storks in the sky, a bear cub in the forest. A fisherman on the river catches fish in the rain. General view of the house of M. M. Prishvin in Dunino. View of the main building of the Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev. General view of the academy park. Panorama of the studio of the sculptor S. Konenkov. View of sculptures by S. Konenkov. Part 2. View of one of the cities near Moscow (Taldom?). Exhibits of the local history museum: ladies' shoes, boots, candles on the table. A master shoemaker sews shoes in his home workshop. Type of houses in which M. M. Prishvin lived in Pereslavl-Zalessky, in Sergiev Posad. View of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. General view of the house of M. M. Prishvin in Dunino. View of the laboratory and office of Academician P. Kapitsa in his house near Moscow. Herd of horses and foal in the meadow. Water lily flowers on the river. A beaver is swimming on the river, a beaver is on the bank. Mocks of hay in the meadow. Sunset on the river. The fisherman catches fish, pulls nets with fish. View of the monument at the grave of M. M. Prishvin (sculptor S. Konenkov). Newsreel footage: M. M. Prishvin's speech to the writers, M. M. Prishvin is working in his office, stroking a dog.
W. Berman
Film ID
Number of Parts
Yu. Sazonov
Other Creators
scriptwriter S. Larin
Release Date
Has Sound

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