Report From the Caribbean Meridian

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A film about the socio-political and economic life of the countries of Central America and about the national liberation movement of the peoples of these countries against American expansion. The film uses film documents from the Central Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the USSR and foreign newsreels. Republic of Nicaragua. Speech by the President of Nicaragua A. Samosa (synchronously in English). Fighting fighters of the Samosa National Guard against the Nicaraguan people. The graves of the Sandinistas who died fighting the reactionary regime of Samosa. Photos of the national hero of Nicaragua A. Sandino, who led the struggle of the people against the US troops. Soldiers of the Sandinista National Liberation Front sing the Nicaraguan anthem. Coffee plantations; cleaning coffee. Boys and girls are taught to read and write. The head of the frontier post talks about the border violators - hired killers (synchronously). Interrogation of the murderer of a local teacher (synchronously). Peasant cooperative; interview with one of the members of the cooperative (synchronously). Plant construction. canteen for workers. Production shops of a metallurgical plant; plant director talks about the nationalization of industrial enterprises (synchronously). Children are dancing. Children in the Luis Velazquez Park in Managua; among children - D. Velasquez. View of the city of Managua. American congressmen visit Nicaragua. Republic of Panama. Panama Canal. A US military base and an American military school in Panama. Monument to Panamanians killed by US Marines in 1964. Dispersal of a demonstration on a street in Panama. Republic of El Salvador. Dispersal and execution of a demonstration in the city of San Salvador. Republic of Guatemala. An interview with a Guatemalan journalist about the dominance of American monopolies in Guatemala (synchronously). Mexico. Mexican Revolution 1910-17; cannons are firing; cavalry gallops; columns of American soldiers. Monument to the participants of the revolution. Streets of Mexico City. Banks. American Embassy. Columbus statue. Mexicans welcomed President L. Cardenas. Oil fields; interview with the oil foreman (synchronously). Republic of Cuba. American military base at Guantanamo. Departure of Cuban refugees from the port of Mariel. A Cuban refugee camp in the United States, guarded by police. Cuban émigrés on a guerrilla warfare exercise.
E. Vermisheva
Film ID
, culture and recreation
, energy
, armed forces
, metallurgy
, revolutionary national liberation movement
, collective farms
, building
, rally and protest
, diplomatic relations
, cities
, strikes
, plant growing
, border troops
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I. Bgancev
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