Republic of Chad

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The film tells about the former French colony - the Republic of Chad. The film includes the following filming: the celebration of the 8th anniversary of independence, views of Lake Chad, fishermen catching fish, women cooking on the shore, the Sahara Desert, the Tibesti Highlands, the ruins of an ancient city, an oasis in the desert, the life of the inhabitants of the oasis, a fire in the savannah, an animal the world of the savannah, a view of one of the villages in the savannah, the life of the villagers. Trade in rural and urban markets. Life of the urban population of Chad. The work of a shoe shiner, blacksmith, woodcarver. Views of the city of Fort Lamy: streets, squares, buildings, airport. Meeting of President Tombolbai. The President and Foreign Minister of Chad talks in the presidential garden. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and part-time pediatrician is in charge of receiving the population. Growing wheat under date palms in an oasis, growing vegetables. Construction of a dam on the northern coast of Lake Chad. Dances of the inhabitants of Chad. Believers in Chad pray in Muslim mosques, in Protestant churches, in Catholic churches. The work of Chadian youth in agriculture, training of Chadian women in social centers in the ability to run a farm, take care of children. Raising children in kindergarten, teaching children in schools. Training of students at the zootechnical institute. Raising cattle in the republic. The work of the meat-packing plant in Fort Lami. Production processes at a cotton plant. Transfer of medicines from the Soviet Union to the government of Chad. The work of Soviet doctors in Chad. Types of the town of Fort Arsham. Views of the Shari-Lagon river. Production processes at a confectionery factory. Football match at the stadium of the capital of Chad. Boarding passengers on the plane at the airport. Airplane in the air.
I. Persian
Film ID
, disaster
, international connections
, settlements
, preschool education
, trade
, plant growing
, higher professional education
, medical services for the population
, fishing
, sports
, animal world
, islam
, landscapes
, government
, school education
, everyday life
, food industry
, handicraft production
, christianity
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
I. Persian, V. Tavrik
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