Republic of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka seaside. Palm grove. Monkeys, snakes, birds in the grove. The man washes the elephants. Types of Colombo. City Beach. Citizens on the streets of the city. Market. University educational buildings. Monument to the Prime Minister of Ceylon in 1956-1959 S. Bandaranaike on the city square. Ancient stone figures carved into the rock. Ruins of the ancient palace of Anhradhapura. Buddhist temples. People light lamps and pray in the temple. Women collect tea leaves on the plantation. Tea workers are packing tea in boxes. Tasters check the quality of the tea. Rubber grove. The woman cuts the bark of the givea. Collecting rubber milk. The peasants cultivate the land in the rice genus, plant seedlings. Extraction of precious stones: the prospectors wash the stones. Construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Mahaveli-Ganges river according to a project developed with the participation of Soviet specialists. Production workshop of a tire plant in Kandy. Soviet and Sri Lankan specialists on the territory of the plant. Photographers at an exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Sri Lanka. The Lankan writer talks about the world significance of the teachings of V.I. Lenin (synchronously). Bust of V. I. Lenin in the study of the writer M. Vikramasingh, author of the book "The Rise of the Land of the Soviets". Artistic workshops for the production of masks and batik. Construction of residential buildings. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka presents a work order from the apartment. Festive procession of girls with musical instruments. The film includes newsreels: S. Bandaranaike's speech at a rally during the election campaign in 1956, voters are dropping ballots into the ballot boxes; funeral of S. Bandaranaike in 1959
I. Galin
Film ID
, building
, settlements
, vegetable world
, plant growing
, geography
, higher professional education
, energy
, fishing
, animal world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
, extractive industry
, economic communications
, food industry
, handicraft industry
, cities
, buddhism
, electoral system
Number of Parts
V. Vorontsov, I. Galin
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