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A film about a highly qualified surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, honored doctor of the RSFSR, chief doctor of the Central District Hospital of the Dakhadaevsky District in Dagestan, Khasbulat Magomedovich Magomedov. Dagestan, Dakhadayevsky district, aul Urkarakh. Interview with Kh.M. Magomedov (synchronously). General view of the aul Urkarakh. Kh.M. Magomedov with his son doing morning exercises on the balcony of the house. Shepherds lead a herd of cows and sheep along the street of the village. A group of guys are watching a boy who is lifting a kettlebell. Kh.M. Magomedov is walking down the street, greeting passers-by, talking with men. An ambulance car pulls up to the hospital building. On the door of the office there is a sign with the inscription: "Chief physician comrade Kh.M. Magomedov." Kh.M. Magomedov in his office solves household issues by phone (synchronously), talks with patients, signs documents. Local residents get on a regular bus. There is a sign on the glass of the bus with the inscription: "Urkarakh". Kh.M. Magomedov holds a meeting with the hospital staff, examines a newborn child in the ward, walks along the hospital corridor, gets into the car "Medical assistance at home". Dagestan, Dakhadaevsky district. A winding motor road in a mountainous area. View of a mountain aul. Residential buildings in the aul. The boy plows the land with oxen. Women stir the solution with their feet. Women, children stand in line for water, pour water into jugs. Mountains, flowering trees. Kh.M. Magomedov with friends on vacation. The men make homemade noodles and boil them in a saucepan over the fire. Kh.M. Magomedov are holding the bear in our arms. A car "Home medical aid" is passing along a mountain road. Dagestan, aul Urkarakh. Pupils at the ceremonial ruler near the school building. The standard-bearer carries the school banner, accompanied by a bugler and drummer. Kh.M. Magomedov performs on the line. First graders are standing with bouquets of lilacs. Kh.M. Magomedov congratulates his daughter. Dagestan, Makhachkala. Kh.M. Magomedov leaves the building of the Ministry of Health of the Dagestan ASSR. Signboards with the inscriptions: "State Planning Committee of the Dagestan ASSR", "GOSSNAB DASSR", "Dagestan Order of Friendship of Peoples State Medical Institute." Kh.M. Magomedov meets with his daughter - a student of a medical institute. Dagestan, Dakhadayevsky district, aul Urkarakh. Nurses are taking the patient on a gurney along the hospital corridor. Kh.M. Magomedov washes his hands before the operation, puts on a mask and gloves. A light comes on in the operating room. Kh.M. Magomedov and his assistants perform the operation. A nurse carries the child in her arms along the corridor of the hospital. Kitchen workers peeling potatoes. Kh.M. Magomedov's wife with her daughter at home. The wife knits. The daughter is reading a book. Kh.M. Magomedov at home decides the economic issues of the hospital over the phone (synchronously). View of the house of Kh.M. Magomedov. Kh.M. Magomedov talks about work, about his family (behind the scenes).
A. Dzobaev
Film ID
medical services for the population
, urban transport
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, bytsel population
, school education
, livestock
, higher education
, villages
, central government agencies and institutions
, cities
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
sound technicians R. Tuaev, K. Kachurin, editor V. Vlasenko, film director R. Ganipov
Release Date
Has Sound

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