Restless People

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Celebrating the Day of Soviet Youth in Moscow. Rally at Manezhnaya Square. Motorcyclists with banners are passing by, columns of demonstrators are passing by. Locksmith ZhEKa number 5 L. Melnikov makes a morning run through the streets of Moscow, talking with the courtyard guys. Meeting on football of courtyard sports teams created by L. Melnikov. Presentation of badges and diplomas to the winners of the competition for the best in the profession. Competition of motorists. M. Pankratov is the best young driver during the competition. The yard of the car plant. The dispatcher issues vouchers. Delivery of panels to the construction site. Engineers of the computing center E. Voevodin, Klim Kim and S. Panov at the console. Competition for the title of the best turner at the Ordzhonikidze plant. Turner V. Kaplenkov at the machine. Meeting at Moscow State University. Foreign students are speaking. Student of the Literary Institute, winner of the competition for young poets, at a rally, in a cafe, on a carousel. The editorial board of Moskovsky Komsomolets. Typewriter. Newspapers on a conveyor belt. Photo of Larisa in the newspaper. Student detachment T. Andreyakhina before leaving for the Smolensk region dance, sing. Youth in the cafe. Train dispatch.
L. Derbysheva
Film ID
automobile transport
, higher education
, public catering
, printing industry
, socialist forms of labor
, sports-mass work
Number of Parts
V. Boykov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Chachin
Release Date
Has Sound

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