Retro Style Hospital

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The film is dedicated to doctors and medical workers of city hospitals in the city of Zvenigorod and the village of Vysokoe, the city of Zvenigorod, Moscow region. Streets, buildings of the city. Memorial plaque on the building where A.P. Chekhov lived. Monument to Karl Marx. Mansions of wealthy city dwellers. Landscapes of the city and its surroundings. The building of the Zvenigorod city hospital (day and night plans). A.P. Chekhov's bas-relief on the hospital building. Nurses at work, on night watch. Hospital patients are sitting on a bench. A gynecologist at a city hospital walks down the street to work, examines and operates on a patient, talks about himself, his work, the city, and shares his thoughts (synchronously). The dentist of the city hospital gives interviews (synchronously and behind the scenes), talks about his profession, shares his thoughts. Fragments of the feature film "Surgery" (synchronously). The bell tower of the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery. The ringer rings the bells (synchronously). Priest Father Alexander, a former doctor, gives interviews (synchronously and off-screen). Country road. Village High. Crossing the river. The building of the Vysokovskaya hospital. The chief doctor, nurse, masseur of the hospital talk about their work (synchronously). Rural shop. The village of Nikolskoye. The landscape of the surroundings. Pond. River. The Sheremetyevs' estate. Dilapidated buildings. Ruined church. Remains of the building of the outpatient clinic where M. Bulgakov worked as a doctor. The building of the city hospital in Vyazma. A memorial plaque on the building dedicated to Mikhail Bulgakov.
I.A. Golubev
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medical services for the population
, architecture
, river transport
, christianity
, private buildings
, cities
, trade
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