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The film tells about farms in the Oryol and Moscow regions. Filmed by order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the RSFSR. First part: Abandoned village houses with boarded up windows. Goats in a deserted country yard. Birdhouse on the fence. Logs near the house. An elderly peasant woman is choosing firewood in the yard. A dilapidated church building near the road. Snowfall on an abandoned can and debris. Frozen water column. The trampled road of a village street. Snow on a plowed field. An elderly woman picks potatoes from the ground. President of the Association of Peasant Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives VF Bashmachnikov speaks about farms (synchronously). Geese by the reservoir. The milkmaid milks the cows. A mechanic repairs equipment on a farm. A herd of cows in the corral. Oryol farmers, the Kvasov brothers, at home, talk about themselves, about their farm (synchronously). A herd of cows in the meadow and near the farm. Building and interior view of the farm. Distribution of feed. Equipment for automatic milking of cows. The milking machine is automatically disconnected from the cow. The milkmaid washes the cow and the equipment. The farmer takes hay from the hay storage. The milkmaid gives water to the calves. Hay in rolls on the field. The second part. Orlovsky farmer N.V. Mutsanov talks about his farm (synchronously). Building and interior view of N.V. Mutsanov's family pig farm. Pigs and piglets in the pigsty. N.V. Mutsanov watered pigs. His wife is cleaning the farm. Pigs run out of the building into the street. N.V. Mutsanov writes in a notebook. Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district. Farmer V. Simakov speaks about his experience in farming (synchronously). Farm building. View of the cheese production workshop. Cows in the farm room. V. Simakov's wife and their children with buckets are near the farm. Calves drink water from buckets. The farmer's wife puts food in the trough, milks the cow. The worker is cleaning the farm. V. Simakov repairs equipment on the farm. V. Simakov's family leaves the house. Oryol Region. A milk tanker stands near the farm building. On the building there is a plaque with the inscription: "Mosins' farm for milk production." Cows on the farm. Moscow region. A crop farmer I. Evseev speaks about the initiative of one of the Dutch firms to create farms in the state farm "Rogachevsky" on the basis of Dutch farms (synchronously). Machine operators inspect equipment. Potato, cabbage, carrot fields. Agricultural machines in the machine yard. Treatment of a potato field from pests. The third part: The potato harvester works in the field. The potatoes are moving on the conveyor belt. The driver is driving the combine. A truck drives up to the combine. Machine operators are checking agricultural machinery. Workers in raincoats load sacks of potatoes onto a trailer to a tractor. I. Evseev and others near the tractor. Loading bags onto a car. Snow in some parts of the field. A wagon for workers in the field. The harvester drives along the road. A tractor with a trailer, which is loaded with sacks of potatoes, leaves the field. Bags in the field, Oryol region. House, a farm building of a peasant farm of the Mosin family. Members of the Mosin family at home.
A. Malechkin
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economic communications
, rural settlements
, bytsel population
, livestock
, christianity
, villages
, sole proprietors
, cities
, plant growing
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A. Shubin
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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