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The film is dedicated to restorers who revive the monuments of architecture and palaces of Leningrad. PART ONE The city of Leningrad. Bolsheokhtinsky bridge across the Neva river. Architectural structures of the bridge, in the background - a church. Palace Square. General Staff Building. Alexander Column. The movement of a car and a truck across the area. Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Rostral column. The dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral. The building of the Kunstkamera. Spire of the Admiralty. Winter Palace. River port of the city. Vessels are standing at the pier. Construction cranes are working. Statue of the Florentine lion at the Palace pier. Destroyed buildings of the city. Ruined columns of one of the architectural ensembles. Chipping from a firearm on a column of an architectural ensemble. Restorers are restoring the former view of the Grand Palace in Peterhof and the Catherine Palace from photographs. Building drawings and restoration projects. Meeting of the Academic Council for the Protection of Monuments of Leningrad. Painted portraits of F.B. Rastrelli (artist P.A. Rotary, early 1760), A.D. Zakharova, A.N. Voronikhin, Carlo Rossi. Chronicle. 1941-1945 Leningrad. A German soldier is holding a combat shell. German troops are loading an artillery launcher with shells, aiming the mount, shooting at architectural monuments. German planes in the sky. Dropping bombs (removed from the air). Ruined palaces and architectural monuments. 1945-1947 Saint Isaac's Cathedral. The movement of a truck with the sculpture "Samson Tearing the Lion's Jaws" on St. Isaac's Square. A motorcycle, a truck and a bus are going by. Chronicle footage of the late 1940s. Leningrad. A restorer is working on one of the buildings, descending along a cable (filmed from the top point). Leningrad region. The city of Petrodvorets (Peterhof). Palace and park ensemble. Grand Palace, cascade. Sea channel. The ensemble of the central part. Samson Fountain. Chronicle. 1945-1947 The city of Petrodvorets. Types of buildings in the city. A building with a signboard "Pharmacy". Transportation of the sculpture "Samson Breaking the Lion's Jaws" by truck. Children run after the truck. Chronicle. Late 1940s - 1950s. The city of Petrodvorets (Peterhof). The destroyed Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade. The city of Pavlovsk. Pavlovsk Palace and Park. Chronicle. 1941-1945 Ruined Pavlovsk Palace. Monument to Emperor Paul I on a pedestal. The city of Pushkin. Great Catherine Palace. Side wing and home church. NDP on the building of the palace. Interior view of the halls. Italy. City of Florence. Destroyed buildings. Oil-filled murals, old books and paintings. Egypt. Nubia. A crane lifts a fragment of the statue (head of Ramses II), loads it onto a special vehicle. Rock temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel (Nubia). Restorers attach a cracked fragment of one of the architectural monuments. PART TWO City of Leningrad. Hermitage. Restoration of the Jordan Staircase. Kazan Cathedral. Restoration of the columns and the facade of the building. Menshikov Palace on the University Embankment. A.D. Menshikov. The lobby of the palace. The restorers are doing a trial cleaning of the column capitals. Elagin Palace. Interior view of the halls of the palace. Decorative paintings and murals on the ceiling and walls. The city of Pavlovsk. Pavlovsk Palace. The destroyed walls and halls of the palace. Restorers at work. The chief curator of the museum A.M. Kutyumov talks (behind the scenes) about the frescoes by P. Gonzago. The city of Pushkin. Great Catherine Palace. The line of sightseers at the entrance to the building. The park. The interior of one of the halls of the palace. Antique clock, candlesticks, fireplace. Scientific adviser V.V. Lem talks (behind the scenes) about the restoration work in the palace. Interior decoration of the staircase and one of the halls of the palace. Restorers work with a hammer and chisel, chipping boards. THE THIRD PART The city of Pushkin. The destroyed hall of the Great Catherine Palace. The restorer examines the surviving decoration of the palace. Fragments of frames of palace mirrors. Destroyed sculptures, fragments of sculptures. Workshop. Technological processes of restoration of architectural monuments. The restorer cleans off the surface of the sculpture with a steel stick (chisel) to obtain relief patterns and images. Samples and models of sculptures. Sculptor Lilya Shvetskaya is preparing a model of a sculpture for a carver. Chronicle. 1930-1941 Great Hall of the Catherine Palace. Chronicle. 01.24.1944 year. The destroyed Great Hall of the Catherine Palace. Sappers examine the territory of the palace with hand-held mine detectors, clearing mines with sapper shovels. Defused mines. Chronicle. [1950-1959]. Restoration and restoration work of the destroyed palace. The Yak-24 helicopter takes off from the territory of the Great Catherine Palace. The propeller of the helicopter is working. Chronicle. 1960-1967 Great Hall of the Catherine Palace. Internal view of the hall. Wooden structures and floors. A model restorer in the workshop restores the wall ornamental carving of the hall, draws a copy of the carving on the glass, and draws the model. Blank models. Wood carving tools. Master carvers A. Kochuev and A. Vinogradov are working. Chronicle. 1941-1945 Siege Leningrad. The saleswoman cuts off a piece of brown bread with a knife, weighs it on a scale. THE USSR. Ruined building. Wooden buildings. The peasants plow the land on bulls, sow grain. There is a broken German armored personnel carrier in the field. Chronicle. 1943-1945 Leningrad. Women are opening wooden shelters from monuments. Monument to Peter I (Bronze Horseman) covered with earth, sand, sheathed with boards - in the background is a church. Soviet soldiers are watching the opening of the monument. Chronicle. [1945-1950]. Leningrad. Transporting the horse statue. Leningrad. Restoration workshops. Master restorers work: welders, carvers, painters and metal chasers. FOURTH PART Leningrad. Scientific restoration workshop. The artist-restorer B. A. Mutskevich draws an image on a tile, lowers the tile into a specially prepared glaze, puts it in a drying cabinet. Ancient Chinese silk wallpaper. The artist-restorer A.V. Borisova restores wallpaper canvases. Petrodvorets. Internal view of one of the halls. Wall panels. Marble statue. Restoration workshops. The restorer brushes off the plaque from the marble sculpture of an angel, treats the surface with a special compound. Marble sculpture of an angel, refined to white. Bronze sculpture. An employee of the laboratory of workshops on the preparation of special solutions. Technological processes for the purification and aging of bronze. Workshop. Sheet gilding of monuments. The restorer N. Rogozina is restoring the sculpture with gilding sheets. Technological process of gilding of monuments. Method of gilding on a polymer. Master gilder at work. Woodcarving restoration workshop. A. L. Gemelts is working on a mirror frame. FV Kuksinsky for woodcarving. B. K. Gershelman restoring the Merchant Staircase of Petrodvorets. Balusters stairs. (Petrodvorets). The floor of one of the halls of the palace. The restorer at work, saws a board with a hacksaw, removes the notches, polishes. Chronicle. 1941-1942 Siege Leningrad. Dead girl. FIFTH PART Chronicle. 1941-1942 Siege Leningrad. Dead girl. The man lifts the exhausted woman. The city of Leningrad. Trinity Bridge over the Neva River. Bronze sculpture symbolizing the "Motherland" at the Piskarevskoye cemetery. Memorial to the victims of the besieged Leningrad at the Serafimovskoye cemetery. Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Rostral columns. The spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the spire on the Admiralty building. Sphinx. Central Naval Museum. The movement of a trolleybus and a car across the area. Chronicle. 1941-1944 Leningrad region. The city of Pavlovsk. Ruined Pavlovsk Palace. Pavlovsk Palace. Italian, Throne and Greek halls of the palace. Restoration work of the palace. Restorers and carvers are working. The city of Petrodvorets (Peterhof). Grand Palace. Interior view of the Throne Room: bas-reliefs, crystal chandelier. Sculptors G. Mikhailova and E. Maslennikov are looking at photographs of the palace under a magnifying glass. Restorers are working on restoring the bas-reliefs of the palace, comparing photographs. Compositions of bas-reliefs. Bas-relief "Roman soldiers surrounded by Svyatoslav with a child", made in plasticine. Plaster bas-relief "The Baptism of Olga". SIXTH PART Leningrad Region. Restoration workshop. The restorer is restoring an element of a crystal chandelier. Watch workshop. The watchmaker examines an element of the clockwork under a magnifying glass. The pendulum of the clock works. Imperial court clock. The city of Pushkin. Great Catherine Palace. The Amber Room. The decoration of the Amber Room: antique boxes, chess. Restoration work in the halls of the palace. The restorer is restoring the parquet ornament. The tiler lays out the tiles. Picture hall. The restorer applies gilding to the wall bas-relief of the hall. Art restorers are rolling out a roll of painting. The ceiling of the Picture Hall. November 4, 1967. A.K. Kochuev presents the key to the Picture Hall to the director of the Catherine Palace Museum G.E.Belyaev. Chronicle. [Germany]. 1941-1945 A column of smiling German soldiers is passing by. The movement of the German convoy along the road. German soldiers shave, read the newspaper. Physical training of German soldiers. The soldiers train on the horizontal bar, jump. German girls are dancing. The soldiers look at the dancing girls. A. Hitler and members of the German high command present military awards (knight's cross) to officers of the German army. [Leningrad]. Destroyed bas-reliefs, sculptures and architectural monuments of the city. Destroyed and burning buildings. Leningrad. Alexander Column. The movement of trolleybuses, cars and trucks on the street of the city. Lomonosov Bridge. The movement of a bus and a truck across the bridge. Equestrian statue of Peter on a pedestal. Sphinx. Kunstkamera. Embankment of the Neva River.
J. Gerstein
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the great patriotic war
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1669,9 м
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B. Lebedev, E. Schlugleit
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Script by T. Nepomniachtchi, artist V. Ivanov, composer L. Gedravichus, sound engineer R. Levitina
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