Revolution Square Documentary Drama in Three Acts

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Newsreel footage of the Russian-Japanese War of 1905, the 1st World War, the February Revolution, the Civil War in Russia. Off-screen texts of documents revealing the combat path of the Soviet military leader F.K.Mironov, the commander of the 32nd Don Cossack Regiment, the Don Cavalry Corps, the 2nd Cavalry Army, the inspector of the cavalry of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, was unjustifiably arrested and killed in Butyrskaya prison in Moscow in 1921. Fragments of D. Vertov's film "The Mironov trial"; Extraordinary Tribunal (Balashov, Saratov Region, August 1919) in the case of FK Mironov, accused of military rebellion against Soviet power. FK Mironov at the trial. Speakers: Prosecutor I. T. Smilga, defender, witnesses. Sitting at the table: the chairman of the tribunal DV Poluyan, members of the tribunal. The building, the cell of the Butyrka prison, in which FK Mironov was imprisoned after a second charge in 1921. LD Trotsky rewards the Red Army soldiers, speaks at a rally, passes in the car. People enter the carriage of the propaganda train for a film screening; D. Vertov is standing by the train. Metro station "Revolution Square". The funeral of the writer Yu. V. Trifonov, who described the fate of FK Mironov in the documentary story "Reflection of the Fire".
A. Ivankin
Film ID
social and political movement
, places of detention
, urban transport
, cinematography
, repression
, funeral
, literature
, educational activities
, wars and conflicts 1st half of the 20th century
, cinema
Number of Parts
V. Nikonov
Other Creators
Script by L. Roshal, sound by Y. Ogandzhanov, N. Ustimenko, music by V. Shut
Release Date
Has Sound

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