Rhythms of Africa

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Men play national instruments - tam-tamakh. Men and women are dancing. Senegal, Dakar. First World Festival of African-Negro Art. Landscapes of the ocean. Flags of the participating countries. Guests are walking along the airfield. City views. On the street are residents, members of the assembly. Cars and buses are going by. Opening ceremony of the festival. Participants in the hall. The President of Senegal L. Senghor is speaking. Within the framework of the festival, musicians, artists, dance and musical groups from Burundi, Chad, Niger, Togo, USA, Senegal, the United Arab Republic, the Antilles, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast perform. Participants play musical instruments, sing, dance, give ballet and dramatic performances. Dakar city. Cathedral. The choir sings in the cathedral, listeners are sitting. Residents and guests go to the Independence Day parade. The infantry, cavalry, demonstrators with placards are passing by. People are dancing in the streets, squares, on the ocean shore. Pie sports. The people greet the winners. Landscape with palm trees. President LS Sengor talks with Soviet poets E. Yevtushenko and E. Dolmatovsky. Stands with carved wood masks. Figures, sculptures. On the outskirts of Dakar, a "village of arts" was built. People work in the workshops. People dance in the streets of the festively decorated city.
I. Venzher, L. Makhnach
Film ID
urban transport
, cultural connections
, national sports
, airports
, religion
, state holidays
, handicraft industry
, decorative and applied art
, folklore
, air transport
, fiction
, music
Number of Parts
E. Akkuratov, G. Serov
Other Creators
Text by V. Nikitkin, sound by Yu. Ogandzhanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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