Rioni Gorge

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Caucasian mountain range. The source of the Rioni River. The Rioni River flows along a rocky slope. The banks covered with forest, a deer is walking through the forest. Folk singer M. Japaridze among the shepherds, sings songs. Settlements along the banks of the Rioni River. The village of Gebi. Resort Tovi. Healing springs. Vacationers drink water. Tourist camp. Tourists go hiking. The village of Chari. Vineyards. Winery "Khvanchkara". Winemakers are tasting wine. Rioni reservoir. There is a raft on the Rioni river. It is led by G. Kobuladze. Temple of Nikortsmitsda in the village of Nikortsmitsda. The village of Gelati. The monastery is an academy. Ruins of the Bagrat temple. Hydroelectric power plants: Rion, Lanjanuri, Gumati. The city of Kutaisi. Streets, squares, monuments, buildings, park, cable car. Silk-weaving mill. The deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR N. Maglakelidze is working at the machine. Kutaisi Automobile Plant. Cars roll off the assembly line. The USSR championship football match between the teams "Torpedo" in Kutaisi and "Torpedo" in Moscow at the stadium. Tskhaltubo resort. Vacationers take medicinal baths. Irrigation canal, water release to the fields. Harvesting tea on plantations. Tea factory. Collection of strawberries, cherries. The village of Chkaishi. The house where the poet G. Tabidze was born. The Rioni River flows among the flowering banks of Colchis. Poti city. Streets. Port. The motor ship sails along the Black Sea.
Sh. Chagunava
Film ID
, nature
, rural settlements
, food industry
, architecture
, sports
, textile industry
, sea transport
, health care
, christianity
, tourism
, agriculture
, reclamation
, automotive industry
, music
Number of Parts
B. Kreps
Other Creators
Sound A. Dzagania
Release Date
Has Sound

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