Ripe Paprika

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The film tells about the cultivation and processing of paprika in Hungary. First part. Hungary. View of one of the sections of the Danube. Boats at the shore. One-story rural houses. The pediment of the house, decorated with wood carvings. Samples of agricultural implements for growing paprika at the stand: hoes, a clay watering can and a jug with a hole in the bottom, pegs for making holes, etc. Old photographs showing various stages of the cultivation and processing of paprika: growing paprika seedlings in a greenhouse; making grooves and holes in the garden; planting seedlings; bunches of paprika, hanging in peasant houses and in the courtyards of houses. Peasants in the field use special pegs to make holes and water them with water. Loosening the soil around the paprika bush. Ripe red paprika pods. Collecting paprika. Oven for drying parpika. Peasant women in national costumes in the courtyard of the house string paprika pods on a string; hang bundles of paprika in the courtyard of the house. Bundles of paprika hang over the stove in the house. Various accessories for grinding paprika. Sifting the crushed mass. Peasant women peel paprika pods from seeds and string the peeled pods onto twine. Peeled paprika bundles are hung on special frames. The second part of. Washing paprika seeds in a well and in a river. Old photographs showing various mills for grinding dry paprika. Packaging for paprika spices in various regions of Hungary. Demonstration of the horse-drawn mill.
L. Tibrunne
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rural settlements
, hungary
, sole proprietors
, landscapes
, plant growing
, geography
, peoples life
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L. Tibrunne
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