Rogue Drama without Finale

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The film "Outcasts" tells about the plight of the Germans in Russia. A scene from the performance of the German National Theater in the city of Marx (synchronously in German). City of Marks. Cemetery. Gravestones. Ruined crypt. The disc of the music box is spinning. German porcelain figurines depicting various subjects: "Houses with a cavalier", "Chess game". Spring landscape of the Saratov region: thaw, trees in the water, dried burdock flowers. Mill building. The director of the local history museum of the city of Marx Titov tells (synchronously) about the life of the Germans in the republic of the Volga Germans. Train wheels (in motion). A. N. Traudwait talks about the eviction of the Germans from the republic (synchronously). There is a freight train. Photos from family archives. Male and female gymnasiums (photo). The city of Yekateringrad (photo). Parish school (photo). Art theater building (photo). Radio committee control room. The operator is working. Landscapes of Kazakhstan. The artist draws, talks about the mobilization of Russian Germans into the labor army (synchronously). Region of the Volga Germans. The city of Marksstadt. The streets of the town. German courtyard. Market. The building of the village council. Score. Shoppers at the counters. Shoe department, fabrics, ready-to-wear department. Dressing room. Saddlery department. City of Marks. Posters. Area. The movement of buses. Street of one-story wooden houses. Dirt road. Women with children in the streets. Church rite. Kirchi. Schmidt is speaking (one of the Volga Germans (synchronously)).
M. Vermisheva
Film ID
urban transport
, theatre
, national policy
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Golovnya
Other Creators
Script G. Gurnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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