Roman Carmen - Chronicler of the Era

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The film tells about the Soviet director and cameraman of documentary films, People's Artist of the USSR R.L. Karmen. The film includes the following filming: photographs and film documents reflecting the professional activities of R.L. Karmen. Newsreel footage shot by R.L. Carmen or included in his films: motor rally along the route "Moscow-Kara-Kum-Moscow" (film "Moscow-Kara-Kum-Moscow", 1934), the arrival of G. Dimitrov in the USSR after the Leipzig trial (special issue of "House" , 1934), the Spanish Civil War (the film "Spain", the special issue "Towards the Events in Spain"), the defense of Moscow and the capture of Berlin by the Soviet troops (the film The Defeat of the Germans near Moscow, 1942 and "Berlin", 1945), the Nuremberg trials (the film "The Court of Nations", 1947), views of Berlin, Soviet military photojournalists and cameramen visiting Berlin (the movie "Comrade Berlin", 1967), working life of oil workers of the offshore oil field in the Caspian sea (the film "The Tale of the Caspian Oil Industry", 1953), the last French patrol left Hanoi after the conclusion of the 1954 Agreement (the film "Vietnam", 1954), the struggle of the peoples of Latin America for independence, economic and social transformations : in Chile, in Panama, in Cuba (the film "The Burning Conti nent ", 1973) and others. In the filming of R.L. Carmen, the following are captured: G. Dimitrov, M. Koltsov, A. Tolstoy, D. Siqueiros, D. Ibarruri, F. Castro, E. Torrijos, S. Allende, L. Corvalan and others R.L. . Carmen at home talks about her work on films and the meaning of documentary cinema (sync. Translation behind the scenes in German. Language).
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, the second world war
, energy
, road transport
, cultural connections
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, wars and conflicts 1st half of the 20th century
, cities
, germany
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