Romanovs Grand Duchess Elizabeth

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Germany. Chronicle footage: Darmstadt, the palace, the movement of a horse-drawn carriage, an officer on a horse rides in front of a line of soldiers. City of Darmstadt. Streets, buildings. Kirch, stained-glass windows. Darmstadt castle, park, museum. Museum exhibits. Director of the Darmstadt City Archives, Professor Franz (synchronously). Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Clock tower. Marble bust of Elizabeth Feodorovna. Interview with Princess Margaret of Hesse and Rhine (synchronously). Israel. Types of Jerusalem. Landscapes of Palestine. Holy Land. Dead Sea. Church of the Nativity. Jordan River. Mount Tabor. Garden of Gethsemane. Temple of Mary Magdalene. Landscapes of central Russia. Cathedrals of the Kremlin. Photos and portraits of members of the royal family. Pre-revolutionary chronicle: religious procession; travel of a train on a railway bridge across the Volga; fashion show, 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in one of the cities; chronicle of the period of World War I; wanderers pass by. Moscow street, Elizaveta Fedorovna arrived to worship the Iberian Mother of God; Khitrov market; a night shelter for homeless boys; sanitary trains. Chronicles of the period of the Civil War in Russia. Western Europe. 1920s. People on the street of the city. The lady is feeding the pigeons. Sphinx sculpture. Russia 1920s. Bazaar. A woman sells icons, a nun sells candles. Photos of the leaders of the revolutionary movement.
V. Ryzhko
Film ID
, 1st world war
, private trade
, architecture
, christianity
, museums
, homelessness
, cartage
, government
, railway transport
, civil war in russia
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A. Kolobrodov
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