Roof of the World

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Expedition to the Pamirs. 1h "a", "b" - Uzbekistan. Osh city: buildings, streets, horse-drawn transport, city residents; base of the expedition; expedition caravan (movement). Landscapes (mountain, valley); Mountain rivers, Alay valley, pass. Kyrgyz nomads of different sex, age at work, in everyday life; medical Center; Pamir: Kaufman Peak; 2h "a", "b" - Expedition movement along the route; Pamir: Lake Astrakhan. Flora, fauna. Minerals; Dwellings. The work of the members of the expedition, cameramen. Expedition camp # Kirghiz. Life, everyday life, occupations of the Kyrgyz of different sexes, ages. Hunters. Pastoralists. Yaki. Murghab city: bazaar; Uzbektorg store; a restaurant; resort in the vicinity of Murghab (sulfur springs). 3h "a", "b" - Expedition caravan; the Hindu Kush ridge; flora, fauna; villages of Tajiks. Tajiks of different sex and age at work, in family, national life. Religious rites. Smoking opium. Tajiks-gold diggers wash the sand. Tajik pioneers. Collection of mulberry berries; drying and grinding berries into flour. 4h "a", "b" - p. Pyanj. Movement of the Tajik inflatable raft ("gunsar"); Ruins of a fortress of the Sihanoush people One of the Tajik villages: harvesting wheat, a holiday in honor of the harvest: entertainment for children, youth, national wrestling, dancing, games. 5h "a", "b" - Expedition caravan movement; settlement of Graves' disease patients, due to the lack of iodine in the river: adults, children with huge goiter (swelling in the neck); Pass Odudu. Glacier. Dushanbe: traffic on the streets, market; Tajiks are the population of the city. Aerodrome. Aircraft at the airfield, in the air. Filmed in the film - director V. Erofeev, cameraman V. N. Belyaev, members of the expedition, performing research, scientific work during the film, a photographer.
V. Erofeev
Film ID
, nations
, landscapes
, nationalities
, republic of the ussr
Number of Parts
V. N. Belyaev
Other Creators
M. S. Andreev, D. V. Nalivkin
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