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Western Front, Roslavl. September 25, 1943 During the Smolensk-Roslavl operation on September 25, the formations of the 31st and 5th armies crossed the Dnieper, liberating Smolensk. On September 24, Soviet troops launched an assault on Roslavl. The 247th and 139th rifle divisions under the command of Major TD Mukhin and Colonel IK Kirillov went on the offensive. Having liberated the eastern part of the city, the soldiers of the 139th division hoisted a flag over the building of the creamery. To the north, the 247th division was advancing. Having crossed the Oster River at 16 o'clock, the division entered the city and hoisted a flag over School No. 3. In the early morning of September 25, the 909th Regiment of the 247th Division drove the Germans out of the western outskirts of the city. Signpost on the building in Roslavl in German with the inscription: "ARBEITSAMT ROSSLAWL - WORK OFFICE" Panorama of the shot down German plane lying on the ground. A group of Red Army soldiers in one of the districts of Roslavl, after the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation. Panorama of captured German anti-aircraft guns. General view of the destroyed houses in Roslavl. Broken German tractor on one of the streets. View of the destroyed buildings of the Roslavl Carriage Repair Plant. Chimneys at the site of destroyed, burned down houses. The woman walks towards the protruding chimneys at the site of the burned down houses. General view of the destruction at the railway station: broken railway tracks, station buildings, the station building. A sign with the inscription in German "ROSSLAWL" lies on the ground. Smoke at the site of burnt houses. View of broken wagons, steam locomotives at the railway junction. Fire from fires. General view of the destroyed railway depot. Destroyed wooden private houses on one of the streets of Roslavl. View of rubble from destroyed houses. Four soldiers pass by the destroyed houses. Parts of the 139th Roslavl Rifle Division enter the city. Ahead of the column of troops are two boys with a portrait of J.V. Stalin, followed by a military brass band. The division commander, Colonel Iosif Konstantinovich Kirillov, and a group of division officers are riding on horseback. An old woman stands on the side of the street, smiling at the passing troops. Soldiers of the 139th Rifle Division are walking through the city, women - local women present to the commanders, among whom is the division commander IK Kirillov, bouquets of flowers, thank them. One of the women hugs IK Kirillov. Units of Soviet troops are on Roslavl Street. Petty officer, scout Comrade Gorbushin is setting up a red flag on the roof of one of the buildings (possibly a creamery), screwing it to the bell. The return of the civilian population to the city. Cows carry carts with household belongings, men, women and children walk alongside the carts. Residents of the city of Roslavl descend from the slope onto the railway bed of the railway junction, go through the railway lines. View of the territory where "DULAG-112" was located - "Duglag-112" - a transit camp for Soviet prisoners of war and civilians in the area of the village of Shuya Krapivensky rural settlement of the Roslavl district of the Smolensk region. There is a sign on the ground with the inscription in German “ZCHUI”. Barbed wire fences around the camp. Representatives of the Red Army, Chairman of the Yekimovichsky District Executive Committee Arsentiy Terentyevich Kovalyov, Secretary Yekimov (writes), representative of the [Yekimovichsky] RK VKP (b) Fedor Mikhailovich Mukhin, as well as local boys stand by the pit with the remains of the executed Red Army soldiers and civilians. Close-ups of the remains of human bodies in the pit. General view of crying women.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, cities
142,5 (общ. 254,4)
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M. Berov
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