Routes Along the Routes of Nansen

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Types of the Arctic. The work of radio operators on various ships. Polar aviation pilots in aircraft cockpits; planes fly over the Arctic Ocean. There is a meeting in one of the ports. The captain of the ship B. Mainagashev on the ship, on the captain's bridge. Navigation start. Type of ships in the Arctic Ocean. Dixon Island. View of the monument to Tessem, a Norwegian sailor, a member of the MOD expedition. Types of houses, streets. Children play in kindergarten. Seagulls fly over the sea. Port of Igarka. Tourists in the port; loading of timber onto ships in the port. View of the Taimyr ship loaded with wood. The city of Snezhnogorsk. Construction of the Ust-Khantayskaya hydroelectric power station. A meeting of builders on the blocking of the Hantayki river. The city of Dudinka. 1st May. Demonstration of workers. Pictures taken by F. Nansen, the first indigenous people. The city of Norilsk. Types of houses, streets. Production processes at the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Krasnoyarsk city. View of the bridge over the Yenisei River. Types of streets, squares. Portrait of F. Nansen.
Y. Kovtun, I. Nazarova.
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, metallurgy
, sea transport
, tourism
, preschool education
, state holidays
, radio communication
, landscapes
, peoples life
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Y. Kovtun, Y. Gvozdev.
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There is no data
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