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1.2m 26k - cr. NDP Russian Central Documentary Film Studio. 2. 6m 15k - cr. The face of a young man with glasses. 3. 4m 10k - rev. A panorama of the guys playing football on the street. 4. Ohm 47k - cr. Hand on the back of the head. 5. 1m 25k - cr. The feet on the bike pedal. 6. Zm 40k - cr. NDP on the back of the head. (Mitya speaks behind the scenes) 7. Ohm 47k - cf. Baseball player's throw Mitya: But sometimes you have to play a game without knowing its rules. 8. 5m 05k - cf. NDP on sculpture without heads. From ZTM9. Zm OOk - cr. Multrabota. NDP RULES OF GAMES ZTM10. 4m 40k - cf. Building of Moscow State University. (shot from below) 11. 2m Yuk - cr. An architectural element on the wall. 12. 6m 35k - cf. NDP on a marble wall. 13. 4m 25k - cr. Columns of the building. 14. Zm Yuk - cr. Column element. 15.2m ZOK - cr. Head of the sculpture. 16. 9m 47k - cf. NDP on the wall with a lantern and columns. 17. 8m 42k - rev. NDP from the building of Moscow State University to children and snow and water on the ground. 18. Zm 25k - cr. The guys are playing football. (shot from the back of a guy in a vest) 19. 1m 15k - cr. Boys are playing. 20. 2m 15k - cf. The guys are standing. 21. 2m 10k - cr. The guy is squatting. 22 1m 10k - cf. Guys and a dog are passing by. 23. 1m 05k - cf. Another guy is squatting 24. 1m 15k - cr. The ball is kicked on the field. 25. 1m 05k - cr. The ball is on the field. 26. 1m 10k - cr. Playing football. 27. 1m 10k - cr. Snow on the field. (Removed from movement) 28. 1m 05k - cf. Playing soccer 29. 2m 15k - cf. Same other plan. PNR30. 2m 20k - cr. Same other plan. (removed from motion) 31. Zm 25k - rev. NDP on playing football. (rapid) 32. 1m 40k - rev. The same, another plan. (Rapid) 33. 6m Zbk - cf. NDP through the mud on a football field with a goal. 34. 11m 15k - rev. NDP on the map on the wall and the receiver with a hand. 35. 6m 35k - cf. Mitya is sitting in the room. (behind the scenes Mitya speaks from the 35th century to the 39th century) Mitya: By and large, self-awareness, if you call it that, for all that, a more or less deep understanding of what I am and what I am generally needed for, I have it ... 36 ... 2m 47k - cr. Mitya's face. 37. 4m 25k - cf. Mitya is sitting at the table with a receiver. Mitya: it has formed, somewhere it has begun to form somewhere in the tenth grade, that is, before that I was 38. 7m 15k - cf. Reflection of Mitya in the mirror Mitya: by some completely untethered person, he could have done something crazy. After that, on the contrary, I began, as it were, to comprehend my actions. I began to understand better what and why I am doing. This level of self-awareness has increased, so to speak. 39. 14m 00k - rev. A panorama from the steps to the columns upwards. Mitya: And, of course, at the University I reached a new level of consciousness of my place in life, of my somehow future possible merits. For me, the university is in some way an opportunity to understand myself in a new way, to somehow feel my existence in this world, 40. 9m 25k - cf. NDP on the sculpture of a sportsman with a globe. 41. 8m 35k - cr. NDP on the map on the wall and on Mitya's face. 42. 1m 10k-cr. Head of the sculpture. (Mitya speaks behind the scenes) Mitya: Sometimes you come to the hostel, it’s raining, it’s empty, there’s no one, summer is over. Here, soon everyone will come,
М. Gureev
Film ID
, higher education
, cycling
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Gorbatsky, R. Gerasimenkov
Other Creators
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