Rural Fire

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A film about the consequences of non-compliance with the Fire Safety Rules in rural areas of Russia. 1 part. Russia. Type of burnt-out agricultural buildings, livestock farms due to non-compliance with the Fire Safety Rules in rural settlements. An employee of the State Fire Inspection says about non-observance of instructions by the leaders of some collective farms (sinhr.). The former head of one of the rural kindergartens, Nina Valerianovna Makova, talks about the causes of the fire that destroyed the kindergarten (sinhr., Offscreen). Children in the new kindergarten. Type of newspapers "Pravda", "Izvestia" (neg. 262.0 m). Part 2. Pskov region, the city of Opochka. The Inspector of the State Fire Inspection in his office looks through the folders with "cases". The list of the Decision of the Council of People's Deputies in one of the folders, according to which the chairman of the Michurin collective farm Vladimir Fedorovich Orlov is personally liable for non-compliance with the instructions of the State Fire Supervision Authority. View of a burnt calf barn on the Michurin collective farm. Belarusian SSR. Mound of Glory in Minsk. Inter-farm strong points of fire protection in rural settlements, created to prevent and prevent fires. The workers of the strong point instruct the villagers. Type of primary fire-fighting equipment on rural streets (neg. 261.0 m).
E. Dolzhenko
Film ID
rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, fire protection
Number of Parts
V. Aboimov
Other Creators
scriptwriter G. Ershova, sound engineer V. Popov, editor O. Teplenko, director V. Lipkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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