Russia Autumn 93

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The film tells about the tragic days of October 1993 in Moscow. The film includes the following filming: the autumn landscape of Moscow, the speech of the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, people on the streets of the city, in transport, the speech of the chairman of the Constitutional Court, rallies near the building of the "White House". Speeches at the press conference: R. Khasbulatova, A. Tuleyev, A. Rutskoi. Performance on Red Square by the American National Symphony Orchestra conducted by M. Rostropovich. Interview with director M. Zakharov, V. Novodvorskaya (synchronously). General view of the Holy Danilov Monastery. Negotiations at the residence of Patriarch Alexy II. Defenders of the "White House" in the bunker. The interior of the White House. Armory. Barbed wire around the White House. The riot police disperse people gathered at the "White House". Construction of barricades. TV journalist A.G. Nevzorov talks with G.A. Zyuganov and S.N. Baburin. Celebrating the birthday of Arbat. Boris N. Yeltsin on the Arbat. Rally on October Square. Opposition militants clash with police. The storming of the city hall. Speech by A. Makashov (synchronously). The storming of the Ostankino television center. Military equipment at the "White House". Gathering of Muscovites on Tverskaya near the building of the Moscow City Council. Actions of soldiers of the Interior Ministry units (internal troops) at the White House. Wounded and killed. The burning building of the White House. Withdrawal from the building of a group of oppositionists led by A. Rutskoy and R. Khasbulatov.
N. Solovyova
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social and political movement
, a television
, cultural connections
, higher state bodies and institutions
, internal troops
, usa
, cities
, rallies
, music
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V. Izvekov, K. Durnov, I. Dvoinikov, S. Kuzminsky, V. Sysoev, V. Golovnya, L. Ermolaev, G. Zavyalov, V. Korolev, A. Rusanov, V. Stupin, V. Shabanov
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