Russia Is on the Way

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The heroes of the film are the passengers and railroad workers of the Rossiya train going from Moscow to Vladivostok. Part 1. Vehicle traffic. Panorama of the building of the Yaroslavl railway station. A group of Cossacks at the train carriage. Cossacks enter the train carriage. The driver sits in the locomotive cabin. The train departs from the platform. Cossacks in the dining car, drinking wine, singing (sinhr.). The movement of the oncoming train. Interview with one of the train passengers Tatyana Kotova - a woman in business (sinhr.). Members of the Kotova family get out of the train carriage. The cook is in the kitchen of the dining car, preparing food. The employees of the dining car are talking. Demobilized soldiers are sitting in a compartment, eating, talking (sync. And for the frame.). The passengers of one of the compartments are playing cards. Interview with one of the passengers - Ukrainian by nationality (sync. And for the frame.). Landscapes outside the train carriage window. The Rossiya passenger train is approaching one of the stations. Part 2. The conductors talk at the carriage during a train stop. Passengers buy groceries. Landscapes from the window of a passing train. Train passengers talk about their lives (sync. And for the frame.), Play cards. General view of the monument to the Decembrists. The landscape of Baikal. Gypsies dance, sing in the carriage of the train "Russia", dance the Cossacks (sinhr.). General view of one of the railway junctions. Interview with the head of the train Sharapov (sinhr.). 3 part. Entry of the Rossiya passenger train into and out of tunnels. A group of trackmen with lanterns is passing by. Passengers at the train car during a stop in Sverdlovsk. Train passengers talk about their lives (sync. And for the frame.). Landscape from the window of a moving train carriage. The Cossacks are singing (sync. And for the frame.). Demobilized soldiers are unloading things from the car. General view of Vladivostok. The train is approaching the platform. General view of the station square. General view of the sea harbor, ships in the harbor. Passengers are passing by with their belongings. The drivers in the locomotive cabin.
I. Golubeva
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public catering
, everyday life
, sea transport
, national composition
, population
, landscapes
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
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