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The film tells about the village of Albazino; on plans to build a hydroelectric power station on the banks of the Amur. Part 1 of the Amur Region, Albazino village, 1989. Rural street. Young people are walking. The keeper of the Albazin Museum of Local Lore, Agrippina Nikolaevna Dorokhina, tells the story of the creation of the first Russian prison (sinhr.). Museum exhibits: objects of labor and everyday life, weapons, paintings. Amur river. Local residents, the Dontsovs spouses talk about the difficult years of life (sinhr.). Young people are dancing at the village club. Women in the courtyard of the house dance and sing the song "Meadow Duck" (sync., Off-screen) (pos. 284.8). Part 2 Milkmaids of the Albazinsky state farm talk about helping the Chinese during the flood (sinhr.). Deputy Minister of Land Reclamation and Water Management of the USSR Polad Adzhievich Polad-Zade tells the reporter about the joint work with Chinese experts on the Scheme for the integrated use of the Amur for hydropower (sinhr.). Veniamin Ivanovich Gotvansky, head of the laboratory of ecology and dynamics of natural processes at the Amur Complex Research Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, says that the environmental consequences of the construction of hydroelectric facilities were not taken into account when developing the Scheme (sync.). The keeper of the Albazin Museum of Local Lore, Agrippina Nikolaevna Dorokhina, speaks of the undesirability of building a hydroelectric power station on the Amur (sinhr.). Nizhny Novgorod region, 1989. Nizhegorodskaya hydroelectric power station on the Volga. View of the Makaryevsky Monastery on the left bank (pos. 281.6 m).
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, rural settlements
, museums
, rest of the population
Number of Parts
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Other Creators
V. Dolgodvorov, T. Vasilieva, A. Ignakov, T. Baranova, L. Ershova, N. Klochko
Release Date
Has Sound

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