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Moscow city. 1919 year. Opening of the monument to Danton at Teatralnaya Square. Commissar Mostavenko makes a speech in front of people on the square. Agitation train at one of the railway stations. The rally at the carriage. People are getting literature. Packs of literature are thrown out of the carriages of a passing train, and people pick them up. January 19, 1919. Moscow city. Lenin speaks from the balcony of the Moscow City Council at a rally of protest against the murder of the leaders of the German proletariat K. Liebknecht and R. Luxemburg. Soldiers with slogans and banners are on the streets of Moscow. Kozhevnikov speaks to soldiers at the Volokonovka station. The soldier speaks to the priests and nuns at the walls of the temple. During hostilities in one of the sectors of the front. Soldiers in the trenches, near the guns. Sentinel on duty. The telephone operator speaks on the phone. The soldiers examine the detainee, check the documents. The Tsar's Headquarters. 1914-1915 years. Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich with Headquarters officers. A group of officers is being photographed with the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich; among those present N. N. Yanushkevich.
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social and political movement
, world war i
, international workers solidarity
, telephone communications
, atheism
, christianity
, agitation
, railway transport
, political propaganda
, civil war in russia
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