Russian Military Chronicle Series 4

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Austria-Hungary, Galicia. A Russian sentry stands about three captured Austrian soldiers sitting on a railroad track. A Russian officer with a map is standing on the balustrade of the house; a cavalryman who has arrived is handing him a report. Fortress next to the railroad bed. Near the captured guns are Russian soldiers, two men in civilian clothes (one of them has a white armband with the inscription "VK" on his sleeve), Russian officers; Russian lieutenant writes in a notebook, speaks to the camera. Another officer takes a camera from his bag and starts filming. The destroyed bridge over the river. Dniester near the city of Galich, the NDP on a riding Russian cavalry with a spare horse. In the background is a church. A two-story house damaged by artillery, two workers inspect the damage. On the balustrade of the house, Russian officers shake hands with each other, one of them is wearing a Red Cross armband. The city of Galich (removed from the Castle Hill). Church. Wounded Russian soldiers near a field hospital. The blown-up bridge, next to the temporary bridge, standing in a cart, a Russian soldier is riding, Russian soldiers are walking. Russian soldiers are resting in the field near a stationary train. A nurse and two Russian officers are standing by a wounded man lying on a stretcher near the train. Leaning on the captured gun, the writer, journalist and war correspondent Vasily Ivanovich Nemirovich-Danchenko is standing in a cap and fur coat. Russian soldiers are standing behind.
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world war i
, religion
, infirmaries
, literature
, destruction
, cities
, railway transport
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G. Erkol
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No Sound

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