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The film shows the formation and development of the artistic style characteristic of Russian architecture, fine and decorative arts at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The most typical examples of architecture, painting and applied art are shown. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. View of the building of the Moroccan embassy on one of the streets in the center of Moscow, general view of the street. General view of the buildings of churches in Klyazma, Abramtsevo, Talashkino. General view of the building of the French Embassy (formerly Igumnov's mansion) in Moscow. The interiors of the building. General view of museums-estates in Talashkino, in Abramtsevo. Interiors of rooms in estates. General view of the works of art created by M. Vrubel and presented in the exposition of the museum in Abramtsevo. View of items of decorative and applied art in the expositions of museums in Talashkino and Abramtsevo. General view of the Pertsova house in Moscow, built by the artist and architect S. Malyutin. General view of the building of the Yaroslavl railway station, built by the architect F. Shekhtel. Part 2. General view of tenement houses in Savvinovskiy courtyard, on Sadovo-Sukharevskaya street, on Sadovaya street, on Kropotkinskaya street in Moscow. Sculpture by V. Mukhina on the facade of the Moscow Art Theater building. The building of the theater. Lenin Komsomol. General view of the Metropol hotel building and the mosaic panel on the facade Paintings by artists Borisov-Musatov, V. Serov, Bakst. The building of the Morozov mansion on Alexei Tolstoy Street. The interiors of the mansion. General view of the mansions that house the embassies of Morocco, Germany, New Zealand. Mansion interiors. The building of the Derazhinskaya mansion. The interiors of the mansion. General view of jewelry made in Art Nouveau style. 3 part. General view of the building b. Ryabushinsky's mansion. The interiors of the mansion. View of paintings by artists Dobuzhinsky, Somov, Vrubel, Benois, Borisov-Musatov. Sketches for the scenery of the play "Petrushka" by artist Golovin.
S. Reitburgh
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, architecture
, christianity
, morocco
, theatre
, diplomatic relations
, cities
, germany
, painting
, new zealand
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I. Mordyukov
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