Russian Victim

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The feature film is dedicated to the feat of the Russian paratroopers of the 6th company of the 104th regiment of the Pskov airborne division, who died in the Argun Gorge of the Chechen Republic on March 1, 2000 during the Second Chechen War. The film is based on the story of the life and feat of the Pskov paratrooper, the commander of the reconnaissance platoon of the 6th company of the 104th regiment of the Pskov Airborne Division of the Guard Senior Lieutenant Alexei Vorobyov, on the basis of whose diary the story is kept. The filmmakers also tried to draw historical parallels with the events of March 1917, associated with the abdication of Nicholas II from the throne. Cast E.V. Yakushevsky - Alexei Vorobyov (guard senior lieutenant, commander of a reconnaissance platoon), A.N. Mamontov - Alexander Dostovalov (Guards Major, Deputy Battalion Commander), E.A. Berezovsky - Mark Evtyukhin (battalion commander), A.V. Ermakov - Oleg Ermakov (lieutenant), A.E. Livanov - General Ruzskikh, L.V. Zaitseva is the mother of the soldier Pakhomov, B.V. Klyuev - Berezovsky, M.V. Shtoda (in the credits of M. Mironov) - Svetlana Vorobyova
E. Lyapicheva, I. Meletina, M. Dobrynin
Film ID
air force
, government
, royal family
, wars and conflicts of the second half of the xx century
Number of Parts
A. Abadovsky, A. Kalashnikov
Other Creators
screenwriters E. Lyapicheva, N. Melnikov, O. Dumchev, composer P. Usanov, artists F. Petrovsky, N. Kopanev, producers O. Dumcheva, E. Lyapicheva, V. Evtushenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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