S Marshak

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The first part. The boy reads a poem by S.Ya. Marshak. Stills from an animated film based on the works of S. Marshak. Letters from children to S. Marshak. S. Marshak is sitting at a table in his office, reading letters from children. S. Marshak smokes. A panorama of the writer's books in his bookcase. Typography. Sheets from the future book of poems by S. Marshak on a printing press. S. Marshak's book covers. S. Marshak's book "That's how absent-minded!" Animation shots illustrating the poem "That's how absent-minded!" Animation shots illustrating the creation of the poet's poem "That's how absent-minded!" The pages of the draft of S. Marshak's poems are being turned over. Frames from the cartoon "Mister Twister". Signal copy of the book "Mister Twister". Corrections made by hand S. Marshak. Books S. Marshak, translated into foreign languages. A girl, a boy read poems by S. Marshak (sinhr.). Children ride on a carousel in the park. A girl "flies" in a boat on a merry-go-round. A man plays the piano in S. Marshak's house. Writers visiting S. Marshak. S. Marshak reads his poems (sinhr.) Actor Igor Ilyinsky visiting S. Marshak reads his poems (sinhr.). S. Marshak's grandchildren, standing at the table next to their grandfather, listen to I. Ilyinsky. S. Marshak, his grandchildren are laughing. The second part. Issues of the newspaper "Battle Banner" for 1945. S. Marshak's poem "On a Campaign!" in one of the numbers. Caricatures of the artists Kukryniksy with poems by S. Marshak. Panorama over the clouds in the sky, a herd of cows grazing on the plain, in the foreground is a road, copses. A panorama of trees in the forest, trees bent over the river, reflected in the water. Books with sonnets by W. Shakespeare, translated by S. Marshak. S. Marshak is working on translation at his desk. Sheets with the translation of W. Shakespeare's sonnets, written by S. Marshak. Animation illustrates the work of S. Marshak on the translation of W. Shakespeare. Panorama on the writer's desk. S. Marshak reads his translation of the sonnet of W. Shakespeare, sitting at his desk (sinhr.). S. Marshak reads his poem (sinhr.) The guys in the courtyard of the house launch a model airplane. Children play football in the courtyard of the house. Children faces. Girls play in the sandbox. Children's railway. The boy - the conductor whistles, waves a flag. A girl-conductor with a flag stands at the door in the vestibule. The train travels on the rails. The young driver looks out of the window of a moving train. View from the train window (trees in the forest). The boy - the guide (removed from the back) stands in the vestibule at the open door. Children wave from the carriage windows. Newsreel footage: 1942, S. Marshak, as part of a group of writers and artists, speaks to the soldiers of the tank division, the soldiers lined up at the tank.
M. Tavrog
Film ID
situation of different populations (children)
, childrens literature
, out-of-school education
, animal world
, landscapes
, peoples life
, fiction
, graphics
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, painting
Number of Parts
B. Golovnya
Other Creators
Scriptwriter N. Loseva
Release Date
Has Sound

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