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Ethnographic film dedicated to the Sabantuy holiday. The inscription "To the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences in honor of the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences from the Bashkir branch." Types of Bashkir nature: forests, mountains, a river in the mountains, a herd of cows in a pasture, daisies in a meadow, flowers in a field. View of the village on the river bank. Procession along a rural street dedicated to the Sabantuy holiday. Children force brightly colored towels on the pole. The man carries a pole. A woman in the national Bashkir dress rides a horse along the street of the village, people meet her. Residents of the village go to the festive Maidan. A group of girls in national clothes, elderly women in national clothes. Administration representatives congratulate fellow countrymen on the holiday. Raising the flag of Bashkiria. Honorary residents open the holiday. Members of national ensembles are walking around the stadium. Spectators in the stands. Representatives from the auls - riders with horses go to the holiday. Fragments of the races of wheelchair riders. Finish. Judges. Winner's reward ceremony. Fragments of horse races on rough terrain. Young people get acquainted with girls at the holiday. Fragments of competitions in national wrestling. A ram on a leash is a prize for the winner. Performance by amateur groups: national dances, music. Tug of war. A fragment of a running competition. Distribution of gifts to the participants of the competition. Running competition with tied legs. Fragments of the competition in sacking. Fragments of the girls running competition with rocker arms. The boy removes the rooster from the top of the pillar. The young man climbs the post after the rooster. A man walks on a pole. Men, women blindfolded cut the rope with a gift with scissors. Honoring the winner of the sports competition "Batyr" Sabantuy. "Batyr" carries a lamb on its shoulders - the main prize of the holiday.
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, national sports
, peoples life
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