Sable Is a Siberian Beast

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A film about the life of sables in the wild and about the artificial increase in the population of this animal in the Siberian taiga. Siberian taiga. Life of sables in their natural environment. The sable hunts a bird. Sable nest with cubs. The female of the sable protects the cubs, at the slightest danger, drags them into the hole. The sable grow up, play, learn about the world around them. The bear splashes in the river. Bird nutcracker sits on a tree stump. Chipmunk washes himself, sitting on a stone, running in the grass. The squirrel finds a lump, twirls it in its paws, buries it in the grass, sits on a branch. The hunter's hands are reloading a double-barreled shotgun. Bundles of sable skins, one after the other, fall into a large heap. NDP: "THE CRISIS OF FISHING IN SIBERIA", "STEALTH OF WEALTH", "PREDATORY EXPLOITATION OF SALT IN SIBERIA". A trapper with a dog goes skiing in the taiga, looking for traces of a sable, sets a trap from nets, hangs a bell on it, cooks food on a fire in a kettle. The bell is ringing - the sable is trapped. The trapper takes the sable out of the nets, puts it in a sack. The hunter and the pilot load boxes with the caught sables into a small AN-2 plane. The plane takes off. A horse carries a sled carriage, a hunter sits in it. A box opens, a sable sits inside, cautiously goes outside. Two sables run out of boxes, run into the forest. The film uses cartoon footage to showcase the sable's habitat.
E. Taravkova
Film ID
, fur trade
, mammals
, protection of game animals
, aviation
Number of Parts
N. Yurushkina
Other Creators
scriptwriter O. Gusev, sound engineer A. Romanov, editor N. Kaspe
Release Date
Has Sound

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