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The film, created in the film essay genre, introduces the past and present of Sakhalin, with its nature and the activities of the people living on the island. Sakhalin Island on the map. Views of the island and the coast. A group of three pillar-like rocks protruding from the water (Three Brothers), located in the central part of the western coast of the island in the Tatar Strait. Forests. Fallen tree in the river. Teddy bear in the forest and in the river with caught fish in its paws. Fish in clear water at the bottom of the river. The city of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky. View of the city. The seaplane sits on the surface of the water. Passengers descend the stairs from the seaplane. Pilot M. Sakharov at his plane. Bags of printed materials unloaded from the seaplane. GAZ-M1 cars on the city street. Local residents in the park. Building of the house-museum of A.P. Chekhov, where the writer lived during his visit to Sakhalin in 1890. Photos of convicts. The pioneers listen to the story of the former political convict, now the watchman S.P. Bugaysky. Pioneers with flowers and portraits of V.I. Lenin, I.V. Stalin was met by a noble lumberjack, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR S.T. Petukhova. Speech by preschoolers with a teacher. The GAZ-M1 car drives on the way of convicts inland. Houses of collective farmers migrants from the central regions of the country. Collective farm wheat field. Field foreman, a migrant from the Kursk region, E.L. Gorozhankin with collective farmers in the field. Ears of ripe wheat. Oil state farm "Krasnaya Tym". State farm herd of cows in the pasture and near the farm. Calves in individual cages. Calves take care of their pets. A milkmaid pours milk from buckets into cans. View of the Tym River. Nivkh women hang animal skins on a makeshift dryer by the river. Nivkh children in kindergarten dine at a table on the river bank. Oil rigs of the Okhinsky oil field. Oil workers at work at the drilling rig. The head of the Okhinsky oil field, Bogdanov, is among the drillers at the rig and in the laboratory where specialists are studying oil samples. A special aircraft for aerial reconnaissance of fish for Sakhalin fishermen is near the coast. On board the aircraft there is an inscription: "Glavryba". The pilot is writing in a notebook while standing on the wing of the plane. Fishing vessels at sea. Fishermen pull the net with fish, unload the fish into the boat. Hunting for beluga whales. A brigade of sea animal catchers on the hunt. Fishing chief I.K. Nepomniachtchi stands in a boat with signal flags. Beluga whale in a net at sea. The catchers are pulling the net aboard the ship. Soldiers of the Sakhalin border detachment on patrol on the seashore.
N. Lytkin
Film ID
extractive industry
, animal husbandry
, out-of-school education
, road transport
, fishing
, livestock
, sea transport
, museums
, childrens organizations
, forestry
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, preschool education
, air transport
, peoples life
Number of Parts
N. Lytkin
Other Creators
music producer M. Danzetti, sound engineer B. Morozevich, V. Morozevich, assistant cameraman I. Cheshev, lyrics by A. Guy, music to the song by L. Shishenin
Release Date
Has Sound

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