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The advertising film essay "Rosbytreklama" tells about weddings in one of the halls of celebrations in the city of Kuibyshev. Girls in Russian national dresses lead the elderly newlyweds along the corridor in the hall of celebrations, they are accompanied by relatives with flowers. The artists sing, beat the tambourines. The painted doors are opened, the chef serves the festive dishes. The waitress serves a festive table, a panorama of the table. The bride and groom in the room are preparing to go out to the guests, with them is an employee of the banquet hall. Girls sing a wedding song, present bread and salt to the bride and groom. Guests congratulate the elderly newlyweds. The bride dances surrounded by guests. Artists in Russian national costumes sing Russian songs, play on spoons. Young newlyweds stand in the hall, reproductions of paintings by B. Kustodiev hang on the wall. The bride and groom are dancing surrounded by guests. The guests are having fun. The photographer is filming the wedding. Celebration hall interiors. Children run up the stairs, the doorman sits on a chair under a WELCOME! Poster.
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