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The film tells about the extraction of salt, about the problems in this branch of the national economy. The film uses the following filming: Part 1. View of an oil rig at a salt deposit, the mined salt is poured, a panorama of salt heaps, a tractor raking up heaps of salt, loading the salt on the barge "Oksky-53"; panorama along the river, along the barge, the sailor washes the deck, the captain of the barge N.I.Sazanov in the wheelhouse, talking on the radio (sync.), standing at the helm, heaps of salt on the barge, the girl swinging on a swing on the barge, view of the engine room on the barge , a passenger ship sails along the Volga, the barge enters the lock, sails under the bridge. 2 part. The crew of the Oksky-53 barge is having lunch in the dining room, the crew members are watching TV, which tells about the tragedy of the Kursk submarine; barges stand on the river, panorama of Nizhny Novgorod; heaps of salt on the barge; sailors are sitting on the deck, drinking tea, the boat is sailing along the river; captain of the barge N.I.Sazanov in the wheelhouse. Salt production at one of the Iletsksol mines: view of the salt mine tunnel (filmed with a passage), salt is moving along the conveyor, miners and mining equipment are working, a trolley with salt is moving, enters the cage; panorama of the salt layers; miners go to lunch, enter the dining room, have lunch, talk during a break (sync.) Part 3. Miners talk (sync.), go up in the elevator; panorama of the city of Sol-Iletsk, local residents on the streets of the city; view of the steppe landscape, lake, camels; general view of the building of the local prison; Senior Lieutenant Alexei Khalzunov passes, convict Nikolai Isaev gets up and leaves, talks on the intercom phone (sync.), smokes, drinks from a mug, washes dishes, talks about himself (sync.), carries pots; general view of the prison area, barbed wire, guards; view of the salt mine, car park. General view of the barge "Oksky-53" with swings of salt, the captain of the ship NISazanov stands on the deck, leafing through the logbook, talks about how he saw a UFO in 1994 (sinhr.); sailors with girls on the deck of the barge, loading salt on the barge.
S. Muzychenko (Zonova)
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, prisons
, river
, extractive industry
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R. Gerasimenkov
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