Samara Chronicle No 1

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The release of the movie almanac tells about the fire that occurred in the Samara Department of Internal Affairs on February 10, 1999. Samara city, February, 2002. View of the chapel of St. Alexis. City street. People lay flowers at the site of the tragedy on February 10, 1999. Temple of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, built in 2002 on the site of the burnt down building of the Samara Internal Affairs Directorate, in which fifty-seven employees died. Laying wreaths at the stele with the names of the victims. Present: Head of the Samara Regional Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Petrovich Glukhov, Deputy Head of the Samara Region Department of Internal Affairs Viktor Fedorovich Sazonov. People walk along the sidewalk. View of a two-storey house on Pionerskaya street. Newsreel footage: the city of Samara, February 10, 1999. View of a burning five-story building of the Samara Regional Department of Internal Affairs on Kuibyshev Street. Black smoke is pouring from the windows. Firefighters raise the ladder; a man and a woman descend. People are watching what is happening. The injured receive medical assistance. View of the burnt-out building of the Samara Department of Internal Affairs. Newsreel footage: the city of Samara, February 14, 1999. The Sports Palace, where the funeral ceremony of farewell to the employees of the Samara Internal Affairs Directorate who died during the fire is taking place. The farewell ceremony is attended by: Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin, Governor of the Samara Region Konstantin Alekseevich Titov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Vladimir Viktorovich Makarov, Head of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Samara Region, Lieutenant General Vladimir Petrovich Glukhov, People's Artists of the USSR Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich and Vishnev ... Archbishop Sergiy of Samara and Syzran holds a memorial service. Cemetery "Rubizhne", where the dead officers of the Department of Internal Affairs are buried. Memorial stone in the cemetery.
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, natural disasters
, fire protection
Number of Parts
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Other Creators
B. Kozhin, D. Oderusov, V. Frenkin, V. Aboimov, V. Shubin, S. Volkova, V. Yusupov, A. Bezuglov
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Has Sound

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