Samara Chronicle No 13

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Plot 1. About the Museum "Children's Art Gallery" in Samara. The streets of the town. On the building there is a sign with the NDP: "Polling station No. 867 ...". The building of the Municipal Children's Picture Gallery ”, located in the mansion of the merchant Ivan Andreevich Te-Klodt (built in the 19th century). The creator and director of the gallery, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Nina Vasilievna Ievleva in one of the halls. Schoolchildren enter the gallery building, paint at easels in the workshop for the development of children's fine arts. Plot 2. On the solemn presentation of cars to the Heroes of the Soviet Union and holders of the Order of Glory of the Samara region. New Lada cars are on the square in front of the building of the government building of the Samara region. Awarded war veterans in the hall. Governor of the Samara Region Konstantin Alekseevich Titov hands over keys and documents from cars to new owners, takes pictures with them. Veterans are leaving the square in their cars. Plot 3. About the regional experimental social rehabilitation center for children, adolescents and youth "Yunost" in the city of Neftegorsk. Children in the playroom lay out cards, read. The teacher at the table looks at the work of the children. The teacher makes the bed in the bedroom. The girl works at the computer. Women sew on sewing machines. Samples of children's clothing at the stand. Inauguration of the Center for Public and Youth Organizations in Neftegorsk. The girl shows the sewing workshop, the notice board of the youth employment exchange, the room of the rehabilitation center. Plot 4. On the celebration of November 7th in Samara. Rally dedicated to the anniversary of the October Revolution in Samara. Participants of the rally are holding banners with the inscriptions: "The Fatherland is in danger!" and a banner with the inscription: "The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF)". Colonel-General, opposition politician Albert Mikhailovich Makashov speaks at the rally (synchronously). Plot 5. About the historical and cultural encyclopedia of the Samara region. Interview with the executive editor-compiler of the Historical and Cultural Encyclopedia of the Samara Territory S. M. Leibgrad (sinhr.).
B. Svoysky
Film ID
urban transport
, out-of-school education
, automobile transport
, local government authorities
, museums
, state holidays
, publishing
, youth organizations
, cities
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova, K. Stepanov
Other Creators
V. Shubin, S. Volkova, A. Wagner, N. Zvonova
Release Date
Has Sound

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