Samara Chronicle No 15

Film Information

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Samara city. Monument to A.S. Pushkin. Maslenitsa festivities in the square. The ringer rings the bells. Children and mummers dance around the snowman. Musicians of the brass band are playing in the costumes of Santa Claus. Children ride on an ice slide. Horseback riding. Children dance in a circle of people present in the square. A woman and a girl in a bear costume are posing for the camera. Girls, girls are dancing in the square. The actors change their clothes on the bus. Participants of the theatrical performance are on the square. People in the square are watching the show. Straw effigy of Maslenitsa. Ice sculptures of the Snow Maiden and Ded Moroz, Togliatti. Stele "Ladya", a multi-storey building of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. General Director of JSC AvtoVAZ A.V. Nikolaev speaks on the phone in his office. The territory and production buildings of the plant. Photos of the former directors of the plant V.N. Polyakova, A.A. Zhitkov, V.I. Isakova, V.V. Kadannikov. A.V. Nikolaev speaks about the labor collective of the plant, about the interest of suppliers in the stable operation of the plant (sync.). Elderly people are queuing at the Savings Bank. A sign with the inscription: "Acceptance of utility bills." Newspaper articles on raising utility bills. The face of older people queuing up to pay for receipts. The cashier is counting the money. Graffiti on the walls at the entrance of a residential building. The building of the administration of the Samara region. Signboard with the inscription: "Association of Peasant Farms and Cooperatives of Russia (Accor)". Chairman of the Board I.G. Nuriev in his office says that under the Gaidar government, farms have lost state support (sinhr.) Head of the children's workshop-laboratory "Samara Toy" L.K. Gorodetskaya and her students in the classroom for the lesson. Girls paint clay toys. A.G. Gorodetskaya oversees the work of students, helps them. A girl in the Russian national headdress at work. Clay toys made by children. Clay lambs, figurines of children.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, banks
, music
, cities
, automotive industry
, sculpture
, utilities
, aesthetic education
, peoples life
, farming
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
A. Smyshlyaev, Yu. Pivsaev, V. Shubin, B. Kozhin, S. Volkova
Release Date
Has Sound

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