Samara Chronicle No 34-35

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Kinoalmanakh tells about a terrible fire on February 10, 1999, as a result of which the building of the Samara Regional Internal Affairs Directorate was completely burned down, employees were killed. Part 1. Samara, winter, a monument to A.S. Pushkin in the Pushkin square (authors I.B.Fyodorov, V.A.Fomin). Temple in honor of the Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky. Night burning building of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara region. Clearing debris after a fire. Passers-by on one of the central streets of Samara, snow is falling. A man sells pussy willow branches on the street. Kiosk "Bread" on the street, queue. February 20, 1999, premiere of the opera "The Vision of Ivan the Terrible" (composer A. Slonimsky) at the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. A smart audience enters the theater building, before the entrance they are greeted by women with a banner "USA - the standard of impudence." The Governor of the Samara Region K.A. Titov and his wife, accompanied by security guards, get out of the car and head to the theater. Spectators in the foyer of the theater. Theatrical artist Alexander Vasiliev gives interviews to journalists in the foyer of the theater. The director of the play, Robert Sturua, talks in the lobby with the guests. Spouse M.L. Rostropovich - opera singer G.P. Vishnevskaya talks with spectators in the theater foyer. Spectators go into the hall. The author of the opera, composer Sergei Slonimsky among the audience. K.A. Titov is sitting in the auditorium next to G.P. Vishnevskaya, they are talking. ML Rostropovich and the artists go out to bow. Two drunken men are talking on the street. Men are driving a cart with dummies down the street. Market stalls, in the foreground - a girl stands at a stall. B / W newsreel footage: Samara, June 22, 1988, Kuibyshev Square, the first informal crowded meeting; May 1998, cellist, pianist and conductor M.L. Rostropovich descends from the train car, he is surrounded by journalists, cameramen; ML Rostropovich conducts a symphony orchestra at a rehearsal of the opera "The Vision of Ivan the Terrible" at the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Part 2. ML Rostropovich appears in the corridor of the Institute of Art Education, he is greeted with applause, bread and salt. Students of the Samara Pedagogical University put on the mantle of an honorary professor on M.L. Rostropovich. The girls are presenting flowers to M.L. Rostropovich. Advertising of Coca-Cola on the entire wall of a multi-storey building. Shoppers queue up on the street outside a bread kiosk. Women sell shopping bags on the street. Monument to A.S. Pushkin in Pushkin Square. The burning building of the regional department of internal affairs. Firefighters climb the stairs up the walls, fire from the windows. Dead people lie in the snow outside the building. Management employees look out of the windows of the burning building, some of them are trying to go down from the window. A burned man sits by an ambulance car, doctors give him an injection. Fragments of the opera "Visions of Ivan the Terrible". ML Rostropovich at the conductor's stand in the orchestra pit. B / w c / t: June 22, 1988, Kuibyshev Square, the first informal crowded meeting.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, private trade
, architecture
, rally and protest
, christianity
, natural disasters
, theatre
, local authorities and institutions
, disasters
, fire protection
, peoples life
, retail goods turnover
, railway transport
, sculpture
, music
Number of Parts
I. Saransky
Other Creators
V. Shubin, B. Kozhin, S. Volkova, A. Morozov
Release Date
Has Sound

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