Samara Chronicle Number 12

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Samara city. Monument to A.S. Pushkin in Pushkin Square. Embankment view; girl with an umbrella on the embankment in the rain. Shoppers at the stalls on the street. An elderly woman in a church is baptized in front of an icon; view of the altar. Newlyweds and their accompanying guests on the square on their wedding day. Cars, buses pass through the streets. Samara region A truck passes on one of the road sections near the town of Syzran. Field; cows in the meadow. Pine trees at the edge of the forest. Forestry worker is in the forest. Birch plantings near the field. Country road at the edge of the forest. A herd of cows in the meadow. Samara region, Syzran. Private houses in one of the city districts. An elderly man in a military shirt sits on the porch, smokes. Building, domes of the Kazan Cathedral. Painting, icons in the cathedral. Cross with the image of the crucified Jesus Christ. Painting on the facade of the cathedral. The priest talks to women in the cathedral. Candles are burning near the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. People in the cathedral. Rector of the Kazan Cathedral, Fr. Grigory Kobernik and the mayor of Syzran, Vasily Grigorievich Yanin, are talking at the table. The barge goes along the river. Logs on the river bank. Shoreline; snowing. A section of the road covered with snow. Buoy on the river; a tugboat pulls the landing stage. View of Syzran from the river. Samara city. High-rise buildings on one of the streets. Passers-by. Cars are driving along the highway. A woman buys bananas from a street vendor. A tram is going by. The Rook Monument. Autumn landscape: hills, ravines, trees with yellowed foliage.
Film ID
urban transport
, private trade
, automobile transport
, local authorities
, livestock
, christianity
, forestry
, landscapes
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
K. Stepanov
Other Creators
S. Volkova, B. Kozhin, N. Zvonova
Release Date