Samara Chronicle Number 14

Film Information

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1st plot. Samara city, January 1996. Monument to A.S. Pushkin. The movement of cars, buses, trams on the streets of the city. An elderly woman with a stack of newspapers in her hands stands in the street. Announcement with the caption: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to take American step aerobics classes. " A man and a woman walk away from a Lada car in the parking lot at the Coliseum shopping center. The man speaks on a payphone. On the street stand there is an ad with the inscription: “December 17, 1995 elections of deputies of the City Duma of the Russian Federation. Candidates for deputies in the Samara District No. 153…. ". The building of the Administration of the Samara region. View of the hall in which the press conference of the Governor of the Samara Region Konstantin Alekseevich Titov is being held. Conference participants ask questions (sync.). K.A. Titov answers questions, talks about the upcoming elections of the governor, about a peaceful solution to the armed conflict in Chechnya (sinhr.). Servicemen wounded in the Chechen war in a hospital ward. Elizarov apparatus on the leg of a young man. Post of the ward nurse in the corridor of the hospital. One of the wounded talks about the war in Chechnya (sinhr.). A young man on crutches walks along the hospital corridor. The stone gate of the Nikolsky monastery on Osipenko street near the entrance to the district military hospital. A correspondent on the street conducts a survey of the opinions of city residents about the armed conflict in Chechnya (sinhr.). A group of townspeople with dogs for a walk in the park. Big Ben shopping center building. Shoppers at the counter of a street vendor. 2nd plot. Photo of the Samara merchant Pavel Ivanovich Shikhobalov and his wife Vera Pavlovna (early 20th century). The former Shikhobalovs 'mansion - "House with Atlanteans" at 55 Ventsek Street. Pictures from the collection of the Samara Art Museum, which previously adorned the Shikhobalovs' house. The director of the Samara Art Museum, Annata Yakovlevna Bass, is looking through old photographs in her office. Project for the restoration of the merchant P.I.Shikhobanov's mansion. View of the mansion before restoration without Atlanteans. On the facade of the building there is a plaque with the inscription: "Restoration". Natalya Alekseevna Khlebnikova, head of the department of the Department of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Department of Culture of the Administration of the Samara Region, is looking through the restoration documents. A fragment of wood carving in the interior of the mansion. A sculpture of an atlant in a restoration workshop. The sign of the Atlant store located in the mansion. The movement of cars, trams on the streets of the city. The traffic inspector stands at the traffic police post.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, medical services for the population
, architecture
, local government authorities
, media
, christianity
, cities
, trade
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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