Samara Chronicle Number 22

Film Information

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The waves of the river run onto the shore. Cars are parked by the river. Residents of Samara walk along the city streets. The boy washes his hands in the river. An empty office of the mayor of the city. The clock strikes. Staircase, meeting room and other premises in the administration of the city of Samara. A sign on the building "Head of the city of Samara". The head of the Alex agency, Oleg Kitter, gives an interview to the authors of the film almanac (sinhr.): He talks about the fact that for him a corrupt official and a bandit are one and the same. Football match at the stadium in Samara. The contender for the post of the head of the city - the president of the club "Wings of the Soviets" Alexander Belousov, is present at the match, gives an interview (sinhr.): Talks about his main competitors in the struggle for the post of mayor of Samara. Another candidate - Anatoly Afanasyev, who works in the city hall, sits in his office, talks (sinhr.): About his main rivals for the post of the head of the city, about Oleg Sysuev, about himself as a potential mayor of Samara. General view of the Volga embankment, city streets. The movement of road transport and trams along the streets of Samara. Passenger ships "Pyotr Alabin" and "Estonia" are at the berths of the pier.
Film ID
urban transport
, local authorities
, automobile transport
, football
, water transport
, cities
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
V. Shubin, S. Volkova, B. Kozhin, A. Morozov
Release Date
Has Sound

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