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The film tells about a sapper, a guard warrant officer, a participant in the Second World War, a delegate to the XXIV Congress of the CPSU, who has been mine clearing and explosive ordnance disposal for 30 years, Stepan Mikhailovich Akimov. Cars are moving along one of the streets of the city, people are walking along the sidewalk, there is a bus and a truck on the road. NDP During the construction of a residential building, several explosive items were found left after the Great Patriotic War. Neutralization was carried out by warrant officer Akimov S.M. (from the report). Excavator bucket. Trench. CM. Akimov holds the found shell in his hands, goes with him along the trench. Building. The military is loading shells into the back of a truck. CM. Akimov is digging out a shell. A police car, cars and trucks are moving along one of the streets of the city. Akimov holds the found shell in his hands. NDP on the faces of the soldiers. A military truck with mines found in a trench drives through a military post. Explosion of a projectile on the field (sync.). Formation of soldiers in one of the military units. Music is playing in the frame (sync.). Akimov stands at a stand with a poster dedicated to the Victory Parade. Commemorative plaque with the inscription: "In 1944, the Soviet Army inflicted 10 crushing blows on the enemy and achieved decisive victories by completely clearing our land." Photo of one of the groups of awardees (in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin). Certificate of honor with the inscription: "... warrant officer Stepan Mikhailovich Akimov for the successes in the struggle in political training and great work on the communist education of soldiers ...". CM. Akimov is walking along the sports ground of a military unit. NDP trees, the formation of soldiers in a line. Mandate type No. 0013 with the inscription: "Akimov was elected as a delegate to the 24th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." Rewarding S.M. Akimova. The film uses photos from the family album of S.M. Akimova.
M. Aliev
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urban transport
, automobile transport
, militia
, monuments
, armed forces
, participants of the world war ii
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L. Bic
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