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The film tells about the life and work of an entrepreneur, patron of the Art Theater S.T. Morozov. 1st part. Moscow. The building of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov in Kamergersky Lane in the evening. A picturesque group portrait of the founders and actors of the Moscow Art Theater (artist D. Zhilinsky). Building, interiors of rooms, picturesque panel by artist M.A. Vrubel, stairs in the foyer of the Morozovs' mansion on Spiridonovka street (architect F.O.Shekhtel). Old Believer Church. Altar in the church. Painterly portrait of S.T. Morozov's mother - Maria Fedorovna (artist V. Serov). Picturesque portraits of S.T. Morozov, his wife Zinaida Grigorievna, writer, friend of S.T. Morozov - A.M. Gorky. Photo portraits of the creators of the Moscow Art Theater K.S. Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. The Hermitage Theater (photo), which hosted the official opening of the Moscow Art Theater. The poster for the first play "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich", which was shown at the Hermitage Theater. Drawings depicting S.T. Morozov at work on the design of the play (artist Y. Menshikov). Samples of fabrics made at the Nikolskaya Manufactory. Pre-revolutionary newsreels: the building of the Moscow gymnasium, the building and the sign of the Nikolskaya Manufaktura factory. 2nd part. A picturesque portrait of S.T. Morozov. The text of the Agreement "Association of Artists", signed by S. T. Morozov and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. View of the streets of old Moscow (photo). Construction of the Moscow Art Theater (photo). S.T.Morozov at a construction site (photo). Drawings showing the construction of the Moscow Art Theater. Sketches of the building, foyer, auditorium, theater interiors, made by the architect F.O. Shekhtel. Group photo of the actors of the Moscow Art Theater troupe. M. Gorky and the Moscow Art Theater actress M. F. Andreeva posing for the artist I. Repin (photo). Photo portraits of M.F. Andreeva in costumes from different performances. A drawing depicting a meeting of the Association of Artists. The building, the auditorium, the foyer, the dressing room of K.S. Stanislavsky, the curtain of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov. The grave of S.T. Morozov at the Rogozhskoye cemetery.
E. Zorin
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school education
, funeral
, architecture
, textile industry
, christianity
, theatre
, cities
, painting
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E. Uetsky
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