Scattered Plans From Different Plots and Films without Specifying the Location and Date of Shooting

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Types of presidiums of various ceremonial meetings; among those present I. V. Stalin, M. I. Kalinin, K. E. Voroshilov, L. M. Kaganovich, D. B. Ryazanov, N. I. Bukharin, M. N. Pokrovsky, S. I. Syrtsov, S. M. Kirov, V. M. Molotov, A. E. Yenukidze, F. Ya. Kon, S. M. Budyonny, A. I. Rykov, G. G. Yagoda, G. K. Ordzhonikidze, V. V. Kuibyshev, A. A. Andreev, G. L. Pyatakov, V. K. Blucher, Ya. I. Alksnis, Ya. E. Rudzutak. R. Rolland and N.I.Bukharin are standing. A. B. Khalatov, K. B. Radek are on the construction site. AS Yenukidze, F. Ya. Kon and others in the presidium of the meeting dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The funeral of V. I. Lenin: N. I. Bukharin, M. I. Kalinin, G. E. Zinoviev and others are carrying a coffin with Lenin's body. The funeral of V.V. Kuibyshev: I.V. Stalin, S.V. Kosior, G.G. Yagoda, V.M. Molotov and others carry an urn with V.V.Kuibyshev's ashes on Red Square. MI Kalinin receives foreign ambassadors; among those present A. S. Yenukidze, M. M. Litvinov, A. S. Bubnov. A. M. Gorky, A. B. Khalatov, I. S. Unshlikht among the workers of the textile mill.
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state power
, funeral
, anniversary
, cultural connections
, building
, textile industry
, periodic printing
, diplomatic relations
, state and public holidays
, fiction
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