School District Emergency

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The film tells about the conduct of exercises for the elimination of emergency situations (fire, radiation) and their elimination and consequences in secondary schools in Moscow. The film includes filming: The first part. 1 plot. Fire. Moscow. NDP at industrial facilities in one of the city districts. Fire. Buildings are burning. Firefighters extinguish the fire. Carrying out fire extinguishing exercises in Moscow secondary school No. 1064: the head of civil defense notifies the teaching staff about the fire. School students run out of the school building in wet clothes into the street. The technical staff ventilates the classrooms by opening doors and windows. Teachers conduct roll-call of rescued students on the street. 2 plot. An accident at a chemically hazardous enterprise. Northwestern District of Moscow. Pupils of school number 1094 at one of the lessons. An explosion is heard outside the window (sync.) An explosion is announced at a chemical plant located near the school. High school students in gas masks at a brisk pace leave the danger zone, enter the bus, other students take shelter from the smoke on the upper floors in school classrooms with tightly closed windows and doors. The emergency response specialist of the civil defense headquarters, using chemical reconnaissance devices, determines the degree of danger of chlorine spreading in the air. 3 plot. Radioactive contamination. Pupils of the elementary grades of school №1094 are playing during recess in the corridor. An alarm sounds (sync). Teachers report (sync.) A radioactive release at a research reactor near their school. Part 2. continuation of the 3rd plot. Pupils of elementary grades receive gas masks, tie themselves with gauze bandages, take iodized potassium in the first-aid post and classrooms. Some of the students are sent to the school shelter, the rest are sealing doors, windows, ceilings in the classrooms of the school floors. Civil Defense Emergencies HQ specialists are detecting increased levels of radiation. According to the civil defense plan, children are being evacuated into buses and an evacuation commission, consisting of teachers, with the help of freelance training of senior students, organizes the evacuation. 4 plot. Mercury spill. The teacher conducts a chemistry lesson in the classroom of the school. One of the students pours mercury from a vial onto the floor. The teacher leads the students out of the classroom. Emergency technicians in protective suits collect mercury. A boy, poisoned with mercury, lies in bed at home, taking medicine. NDP for the students in the school locker room. Students run out of the school into the street.
V. Chulkov
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, civil defense
, school education
, fire protection
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Yu. Fedyanin
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