School of Heroes

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A film about the Orenburg military aviation school. The film uses materials from the Central Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents and the Cinema Chronicle of the TsSDF. Cadets of the school in theoretical and practical classes, in the gym, the Lenin room of the school. Training flights of cadets. Conversation of the former head of the school AF Artemyev with the cadets. Plots dedicated to the graduates of the school: Chronicle. 1937 year. Flight of V. P. Chkalov, G. F. Baidukov, A. V. Belyakova Moscow-North Pole-Vancouver (USA): take off, meeting the crew in the USA, in Moscow. Chronicle. 1937-1939 Fighter pilot, brigade commander A.K.Serov at the plane, in the cockpit. The plane performs aerobatics in the air. Spanish Civil War. German and Spanish planes in the air. The bombing of Madrid. Buildings are burning. Civilians are running along the streets, squares. The city of Baranovichi. Museum of local lore. A stand dedicated to the pilot S. I. Gritsevets. Major General of Aviation V. M. Zabaluev; daughter of S.I.Gritsevets at the stand. Chronicle. The year is 1939. Combat operations of Soviet tanks, aviation at Khalkhin Gol. Decree on awarding S. I. Gritsevets. Bust of S.I.Gritsevets. The city of Leningrad. The airport. Airport flight control center. Major General of the Reserve, Hero of the Soviet Union E.P. Fedorov at the control room. Kazakhstan. The city of Alma-Ata. Aeroclub. Aeroclub instructor Lieutenant Colonel T. Begeldinov with cadets. Major General S. D. Lugansky talks with the pilots. The city of Leningrad. Major in reserve VN Osipov passes along Nevsky Prospekt, meets and talks with the pioneers. Chronicle of 1944 V. N. Osipov at a military airfield. Estonia. Tallinn city. Reserve Colonel, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Estonia EK Pusen is walking along the city street, presenting awards in the Supreme Soviet of the Estonian SSR, receiving visitors, talking about the years of study at the school (sinhr.). Chronicle. 1942-1945 years. E. K. Pusen, navigator Akkuratov on the airfield at the TV-7 bomber, in flight. Explosions. Bombs are flying. Pusen and Akkuratov in the office. Radio operator (night shooting). Photos of General I. Polbin. Chronicle. August 1943 The commander of the bomber regiment IS Polbin in the plane's office, the crew of the plane Polbin. 1942-1945 Aircraft Po-2 in flight. Planes are dropping bombs. Explosions of bombs. Airplane explosion in the air. 1948 December. Ulyanovsk region. The village of Rtishchevo. Unveiling of the monument to I.S.Polbin (bronze bust). Chronicle. 1961 year. Meeting of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin at the airport. Gagarin reports to NS Khrushchev on the completion of the assignment (sinhr.). Gagarin in the cockpit of a rocket, at the XIV Congress of the Komsomol, in Cuba.
V. Kagarlitsky, A. Sukhov
Film ID
the second world war
, air force
, museums
, childrens organizations
, cosmonautics
, international relationships
, higher state bodies
, monuments
, professional education (higher)
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, air transport
, awards
, geography
Number of Parts
S. Shkolnikov, E. Valdaitsev, S. Fried
Other Creators
There is no data
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